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Nutra is an exciting affiliate vertical to focus on. It is diverse, converts in almost all countries when promoted right, and pays really well! From dietary supplements to skincare, and weight loss to hair growth solutions, the Nutra industry is booming like never before. It's an ever-evolving field, constantly adapting to meet the demands of the health-conscious consumer.

If you're keen on getting started with this vertical, then it's high time you try WhoCPA.

WhoCPA is a unique player in the affiliate marketing landscape. Not only is it an affiliate network connecting advertisers with publishers to promote their products or services, but it is also a direct advertiser. It has been operating since 2018, with headquarters located in Singapore.

WhoCPA Features​

WhoCPA's dual role gives it a distinct advantage.

As a direct advertiser, it has complete control over the quality and effectiveness of the products it offers. It can ensure that these products meet high standards and are likely to appeal to a wide audience. This can result in higher conversion rates and more successful campaigns for affiliates.

As a CPA network, it provides affiliates with the tools to promote the products effectively, including marketing materials and an in-house tracking system. And to top it all off, affiliates are given a higher profit margin since the middleman is already removed!

Its range of products includes beauty products and serums, male health, and various dietary health supplements. They have no re-sales, so the products are always available and won't be disappearing anytime soon.

Own Contact Centers​

With a 300-strong manpower, WhoCPA can reach out to your customers fast, so they won't have enough time to change their minds! On average, it takes the network's call center only 27 seconds to contact your customers.

Its top regions are Asia and South America, and they have native speakers for the countries in these areas. At the moment, the company has six call centers in Southeast Asia alone.


Ad Creatives Improvement and Translation​

Suppose you're eager to promote offers in Asia and South America but are worried about whether your promotional materials read well or deliver the right information to your audience. In that case, you can ask for assistance from WhoCPA's team.

They have professional translators who are native speakers and can translate the creatives appropriately for you, making sure your ads are as effective as you hope them to be.

High Approval Rates​

When working directly with an advertiser, affiliates often worry about the approval rates of the conversions. However, publishers can rest easy knowing that the network is known for having a high approval rate of 55%.

WhoCPA Payout Process​

WhoCPA sends payments twice a week with no delays. As soon as a withdrawal is requested for approved earnings that are at least $50, they process the payments immediately. You can choose to receive your pay via Wire Transfer, Capitalist, or Payoneer.

For its trusted affiliates and webmasters, it offers a lightning-fast payout feature that is revealed to these publishers alone. So, if you want to keep the cash flow going, you'd better race to become one of its top affiliates.

Before joining this CPA network, we recommend visiting a thread they opened up in the forum first. Visit WhoCPA's official thread here.

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