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Push notification remains as one of the best-performing ad types today. One hundred percent of users from this traffic type are human, so you can expect real people to see your ads. You are sure to succeed with this traffic type, provided you work with the right traffic sources.

One good option is Vrume. Established in 2016 and headquartered in Ontario, Vrume is a company run by individuals who have been in the performance marketing business for almost 20 years now.

Vrume Benefits and Features​


Managed Campaigns​

Vrume is unlike most traffic providers; advertisers who sign up don’t automatically get an account. Instead, they are interviewed first to discuss their media buying needs and revenue goals. This is because ad campaigns here are managed.

Here are some of the benefits of allowing Vrume to manage your campaigns for you:
  • Less micro-managing - Managing your campaigns on your own means you have to monitor your ads often and optimize as much as you can to get the most out of your ad spends. With Vrume, you won’t have to do this; someone else will focus on your ads down to the smallest detail.
  • Less cost - You have people working on your campaigns at a fraction of the cost of actually hiring people for your business. You just need to pay for the cost of running your ads.
  • Results-oriented - Aside from having someone else set-up your campaigns, you can rely on your campaign manager to put your goals at the forefront. Tests and adjustments are made towards achieving your objectives, whether they be gathering leads or getting purchases.
  • Experienced Team - There won’t be a need to train people on how to properly optimize the campaigns, and neither will you have to think of ad strategies. Vrume’s people are experts in performance marketing and will do the heavy lifting for you.
Of course, as an account-owner, you will be given an account login that let’s you view the status of your ads. You can generate reports and also manage your creatives as you wish.

Low Starting Cost​

The minimum budget required to start working with Vrume is $300. This may be higher than self-serve platforms, but this is relatively low when it comes to managed campaigns. Vrume accepts PayPal, Paxum, wire transfers, and credit cards to fund the account.


High Converting Verticals​

Vrume’s traffic focuses on the male demographic, aged 30 and above. This means the best verticals are:
  • Online gaming - whether mobile or desktop, this niche touches the entertainment needs of this demographic.
  • Gambling - if they’re not gaming, men are mostly gambling. Betting, casino, and online sports convert well.
  • Men’s health - this includes testosterone boosters, male enhancement, erectile dysfunction offers, CBD, and more.
  • Men’s fashion - although uncommon, this is a very profitable niche since there are a lot of men out there who seek assistance in dressing themselves. They also want shopping for clothing and accessories to be easy and quick.
  • Dating - Vrume has collected high-quality publishers that focus on dating, whether for mainstream or adult. This traffic works for single opt-in, double opt-in, and even CPS offers.
  • Sweepstakes and Surveys - these are two of the most popular niches of all time and the easiest one to profit from.
  • Adult - Of course, we cannot discount the high demand for adult offers from Vrume’s main demographic. Live cam offers, adult streaming sites, and adult dating fall under this category.
Vrume focuses on three major success indicators: (1) conversions, (2) conversions, and (3) conversions! So if you have the budget and want a higher probability of succeeding in the affiliate marketing business, deciding to work with Vrume is a smart decision.

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