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UPDATE: The Visto spy tool has shut down.

If you are running ads on Facebook and it’s not working as well as you expected, it’s time to look into what others are doing successfully. For this reason, you should head over to

Visto is the Spanish word for “view” or “viewed”.

And it is a very apt name for a tool that is being used to look into the ads of a competitor. Visto is not just a social ad spy tool, but also a market intelligence platform that helps advertisers and affiliates analyze the competition and plan their marketing strategies appropriately.


Visto Spy Tool Features​

Advanced Artificial Intelligence​

Visto’s AI monitors and collects ads on Facebook from all over the world. This allows you to spend more time planning your marketing strategies and less time searching for your competitors’ ads.

Multiple Search Options​

There are multiple ways to view your competitor’s strategies on the platform. Users can search for ads based on keywords they place in the search bar and choose between the following search options:
  • Ad creative
  • Landing page
  • Comments
  • Redirect Path
  • Facebook Page
  • Domain
  • Affiliate Offer
Once the results are in, you can arrange them based on last seen, first seen, newly created, first created, most reacted, most commented, and most shared.

Save Ads​

If you like any of the ads and would like to refer to them later on, simply click on the bookmark icon located in the upper right corner of every ad result. This effectively places the ad in your Favorites collection.

Filter Options​

With the multitude of ad results, you might get confused about how to find the ads that you are looking for. Thankfully, there are also several ways to narrow down your results.

These are through:
  • Date Range
  • Demography - this includes target country and gender
  • E-commerce - narrows down to the specific e-commerce platform
  • Ad language
  • Ad format - filter ads based on format, such as image, video, or even both
  • CTA button
  • Engagement - show only ads that receive a specific number of reactions, shares, or comments.


Ad Information​

Clicking on each ad opens up a new page that displays all information about the ad. Aside from the ad creative such as the text, image, and call to action button, you’ll also get to see the following details:
  • Dates - this includes when the ad was first and last seen, how many days it was live, and how many times Visto’s AI saw the ad within the specified dates.
  • Ad details - this lists down the link to the ad’s landing page, Facebook post, and Facebook page that runs this campaign. The language is also displayed.
  • Affiliate details - if an affiliate is running this campaign, the page will also show the tracker domain, the affiliate offer, and technology being used to display multiple landers. Visto’s AI has the capability to detect which landing page is actually being displayed to audiences.
  • Countries - this lists down all locations where this very same ad is being shown.
  • Landing Page
  • Affiliate Offer preview

Visto Subscription Plans​

As of this writing, this big spy ads tool is 100% free. Make sure to use the coupon code affLift during sign-up.

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Really cool tool and super easy to use. It helped me a lot, not just for Facebook Ads but for a little inspiration as well for my LPs.

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