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They say if you want to earn more from your traffic, you should establish a direct relationship with the brand or advertiser. But getting them to notice you, let alone give you the time of day, is easier said than done. You must first establish your credibility as an affiliate, which means you also need to have spent thousands of dollars in advertising to have a proven track record.

But there is one direct advertiser that also functions as an affiliate network, and that is VIPOffers. As a direct advertiser, they create their offer websites from the ground up, as well as all their available creatives and landing pages.

VIPOffers is a popular affiliate network that have hundreds of exclusive offers under their belt. The company has been in the affiliate marketing business for more than 20 years, having started in 2016. The network has already paid out more than $2 Billion to their affiliates to date.

VIPOffers Features

Direct to Advertiser Relationship
This is one of the best features of VIPOffers. They are the advertiser themselves. The offers that they want you to promote comes directly from them and not from someone else.

Highest Payouts and Exclusive Offers
As there is no middleman and the offers are built in-house, their payouts are higher than the rest. Also, you won’t find their offers anywhere else. there’s no need to compete with hundreds of affiliates promoting the same thing.

Their most popular exclusive offers fall under the following categories:

1. Online Games
Video games are a hit these days, and the browser-based and html5 type of games produced by VIPOffers are seeing a lot of installs lately. This platform offers high PPS for affiliates. Their creatives are proven to work on various types of traffic.

2. Dating
If you’ve been promoting dating offers in the past, you’ll know that most offers come from a handful of advertisers. This means there’s a lot of competition out there. It’s high time to try exclusive dating offers from this network.

You won’t find their dating campaigns anywhere else. Dating offers are paid via PPL or PPS.

3. Adult
VIPOffers is very well-known for its adult dating offers, adult cam sites, adult games, and video on demand paysites, which pay really well. They pay anywhere between $3 and $5 for single opt-ins and $50 to $70 for sales and subscriptions.

4. Virtual Reality
This is a new gaming niche that a lot of affiliates still need to try, but is already making a killing at VIPOffers. These immersive games with interactive landing pages are sure to drive you more profit.

Multiple Traffic Types Accepted
For all these offers, they accept traffic from display banners, email, mobile, pop, and social media. The creatives are custom-tailored to match your needs. You can even request custom-made landing pages based on your ad creatives.

In-Depth Stats
Tracking is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a tracker, you can make use of VIPOffers’ own tracking platform. The in-house tracking platform provides real-time reporting for affiliates’ reference.

You can generate reports based on conversions, offers, creatives, geo and more. The reporting dashboard also includes filters, maps and report graphs.

Aside from conversions, the reporting dashboard can also display the raw and unique clicks received by an active offer, the conversion percentage, income, EPC and more.

Weekly Releases
VIPOffers releases a fresh batch of offers every week, which means your traffic will not be burned out seeing the same offers over and over again.

Fully-Tested Winners
The affiliate networks tests their offers and creatives first before launching them on the platform. You can be confident that the offers you promote are proven winners. If you need something specific or you want to focus on a niche, you can simply connect with your affiliate manager to request for custom-made landing pages.

VIPOffers Payment

This affiliate network also prides in paying their affiliates on time. Their payment frequency is on a weekly basis, with the minimum payout amount of $1,000. You can receive payments via Payoneer, Paxum or Wire Transfer.

You can also earn by referring other affiliates to the network. There is a 5% commission rate for valid earnings of your referral.

🚀 VIPOffers is an affLIFT Partner! Check out their official thread and post any questions you have about their affiliate network there.

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