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If you've been in the affiliate marketing business for a while, you would surely have learned that a landing page is the key to the success of a campaign. And if you're a new affiliate, then you might have heard about landing pages from one guru to another.

There's no doubt about how a landing page can help you. The question now is, how can you create one? If you have coding experience, all the better. If not, how can you make a landing page from scratch? Simple; use a tool such as Unbounce. Let's find out more about this tool.

Unbounce Review

Unbounce Landing Page Builder

Drag and Drop Building Tool

You don't have to learn about coding since Unbounce's drag and drop building tool can help you easily create a landing page without worrying about a thing. You can literally choose an item, click on it, and drop it on the exact place you want it placed.

Pre-designed Templates

If designing is not your forte, and you are finding it difficult to choose the right colors, format, font and overall look of your landing page, you can use one of Unbounce's templates. They have over one hundred templates that have been crafted by professional designers. These have also been created with conversion in mind.

Dynamic Text Replacement

If you want users to respond better to the landing page, then there must be a significant connection between your ad and the landing page. This is where Dynamic Text Replacement can come in handy. This means some aspects on the landing page will automatically change based on the information and tokens passed by the ad.

This helps increase the ad and landing page relevancy, which in turn also increases conversions.

Easy Publishing

Once you are happy and confident about the design you have, you can easily publish the landing page straight to your website.

One-Click Integrations

There are many tools you would need to ensure the success of your campaigns. If you want to connect your Unbounce account to other tools such as your tracker, marketing automation, CRM and more.

Pop-ups and Sticky Bars

If you want to increase engagement on your landing page, you can utilize pop-ups and sticky bars. As its name implies, a sticky bar will be displayed on your page even if the user scrolls up or down. Pop-ups, on the other hand, will appear based on the triggers you set, such as on-page load, after a few seconds, if there is exit intent and more.

Unbounce Pricing Options

Unbounce has three pricing levels available, and these are:
  1. Essential - priced at $79 per month, those who choose this account can create up to 75 landing pages, with an addition of 8 pop-ups or sticky bars.
  2. Premium - for $159 per month, you can create 150 landing pages and 16 sticky bars.
  3. Enterprise - the biggest plan, you can create more than 375 landing pages and at least 40 pop-ups. This includes integrations with other tools.
All of these plans allow users to make use of various features in Unbounce. Also, these are all billed annually.

If you want to test the waters first, you can make use of their 14-day trial, which gives you complete access to the platform 👍

Have questions about building a landing page? Ask in our forum!

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