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TrafficHunt Comments Ratings

If you are looking for traffic for your desktop and mobile offers, it would be best to sign up with a traffic network that provides premium inventory with various traffic options. One such provider is TrafficHunt.

Established in 2014, TrafficHunt is a self-serve advertising platform that offers worldwide traffic. Their ad formats include push, backbutton, direct, emails, pop-unders, banner ads. So if you are looking for volume, they definitely have it.

TrafficHunt Features

Retargeting Solution
Do you have users that already went through the funnel, but did not convert? If they failed to purchase or sign up for your offer the first time, you should not give up. Studies show that people are more likely to trust a company or a brand the next time they see it. This means conversion rates for remarketing are actually higher. The Return of Investment for ads spent on retargeting is usually at 200% or higher.

You can retarget based on a user’s previous activity, such as clicking on one of your ads, signing-up in your website, adding an item to their cart and more.

Precise Targeting
You can target users based on the following:
  • Geo
  • Platform
  • Connection (ISP or mobile carriers)
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browsers
  • IP Range (IPs can be blacklisted or whitelisted)
  • Sub ID
  • Language
  • Run of Network or Premium traffic
  • Day Parting
Real-Time Tracking
You can be sure that the statistics you are seeing are in real-time. There is no backtracking in TrafficHunt. Their intuitive interface also allows you to track CTR, conversions and even ROI (if you have conversion tracking enabled).

TrafficHunt Payment Options

TrafficHunt has a minimum deposit amount of $200. They accept Paxum, Capitalist, USDT and Wire transfer. First-time payments are done manually, wherein you send manual payment to an email address they provide, and then send an email to TrafficHunt informing them of your payment. It is necessary that you first create a campaign and have it approved before sending payment; else your account will not be funded.

🚀 TrafficHunt is a member of the affLIFT forum and provides support through the forum. Simply send them (@TrafficHunt) a message!

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