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Choosing one offer to promote among thousands can be a daunting task. If information like which one works best for your traffic, which is trending right now, and which has the highest EPC are not available to you, then the daunting task will come close to impossible.

If you’re in a similar pinch, the best solution would be to work with a network that has a Smart Linking technology, one like Trafee. This is a Smartlink affiliate network that focuses on dating and adult offers.


Trafee Features and Benefits​

There are currently more than 2,000 offers within the platform, most of which fall under dating offers. The four main subcategories are:
  1. Adult dating
  2. Gay dating
  3. Adult games
  4. Cams
Offers are either on CPS, CPL, or Revenue Share. Payouts are pretty high since this network has a direct relationship with advertisers.

Also, the landing pages have been tested and optimized before release. Viewers are shown landers in their native language to increase the chances of conversion.

Automatic Traffic Filtering​

There is no need to filter out and create separate campaigns for your traffic as Trafee’s AI technology will do all the work. The smartlink will analyze the click data and reroute your traffic to the best performing offer.

Traffic from any device is allowed, except of course bot traffic. The link can be promoted in 100 countries worldwide and supports 20 languages.

The following traffic types are accepted:
  • Mobile app
  • SEO
  • Search
  • Social
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Other media buys or paid sources
Dating-related traffic is welcome, except those coming from POF and Also, traffic from adult videos that feature minors and animals are prohibited.

In-house Analytics​

To help you evaluate and optimize your traffic, Trader provides an in-depth, in-house analytics dashboard. You can see the trends, clicks, EPC, revenue, and more. You can also pass data to your third-party tracker via postback.


Experienced Affiliates Accepted​

This network filters out newbies and accepts only experienced affiliates. Applicants must verify their experience by answering the interview questions such as traffic source, ad formats, best countries, and more.

It is also necessary to submit screenshots of reports and proof of earnings from other affiliate networks. The network generally replies within a day, but the evaluation can also take up to 48 hours.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Your dedicated account manager will provide you with all sorts of support to help you succeed, such as creating a SmartLink, letting you in on new offers, and even negotiating payment bumps.

Trafee Payouts​

This network processes payouts weekly for a minimum of $100 worth of earnings. Payments are sent via Paxum, PayPal, Qiwi, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and wire transfer.

On top of promoting affiliate offers, publishers can earn by referring other people into the network. The commission is 5% of the referral’s earnings for life.

Before the first payment is sent, the earnings are put on hold for 7 days. Succeeding payouts will no longer be placed on hold after the first evaluation. Payments are released between Tuesday and Friday, and processing takes a maximum of 72 hours.

🚀 Learn more about Trafee at their official thread in the forum!

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