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Navigating through countless offers can be overwhelming. Yet, imagine if you knew which ones align with your traffic, the trending ones, or those boasting the top EPC. Sounds simpler, right?

For those grappling with these choices, look no further than the ingenious Smart Linking tech from Trafee, a premier Smartlink affiliate network tailored for dating and adult offers.


Unlocking Trafee's Unique Features​

Dive into a plethora of over 2,000 offers, with the majority centering around dating. Key categories include:
  1. Adult dating
  2. Gay dating
  3. Interactive adult games
  4. Live cams
Engage with offers on CPS, CPL, or Revenue Share models. Thanks to Trafee's direct partnerships with advertisers, payouts are impressively lucrative.

Moreover, optimized landing pages ensure viewer engagement. Experience landing pages in viewers' native languages, ensuring enhanced conversion potential.

Revolutionary Traffic Filtration by Trafee​

Trafee’s advanced AI alleviates the hassles of traffic segregation. Its intelligent system meticulously analyzes click data, directing your audience to top-tier offers.

Enjoy global reach, encompassing 100 nations and 20 languages. And, the platform's versatility welcomes a wide traffic range, including:
  • Mobile applications
  • Organic SEO
  • Search campaigns
  • Social media
  • Chat integrations
  • Email marketing
  • Diverse media acquisitions
However, ensure to sidestep traffic from POF,, and strictly avoid adult content featuring minors and animals.

Precise Analytics – A Trafee Specialty​

Harness the power of Trafee's robust analytics dashboard, designed for ultimate campaign insights. Monitor trends, study clicks, evaluate EPC, and analyze revenue. Seamlessly integrate data with third-party trackers via postback.


Exclusive Access for Veteran Affiliates​

Trafee prioritizes expertise. The platform invites seasoned affiliates, requiring detailed insights into their proficiency, like traffic sources, ad strategies, peak performing nations, and more. Submit verifiable proofs, like screenshots of past earnings, for a thorough review that can take up to 48 hours.

Your Affiliate Companion – The Trafee Manager​

Rely on dedicated account managers for comprehensive support, from SmartLink creations, unveiling the latest offers, to negotiating potential pay hikes.

Timely Payouts with Trafee​

Celebrate weekly payouts, starting at a minimum of $100. Opt for a variety of payment methods like Paxum, PayPal, Qiwi, WebMoney, Bitcoin, or wire transfer.

Moreover, enhance your earnings by introducing fellow publishers to Trafee and earn a lifelong commission of 5% on your referral's income.

The first payment entails a 7-day holding period, post which regular payments ensue without delays, processed between Tuesdays to Fridays, taking up to 72 hours.

🚀 Dive deeper into Trafee via their dedicated thread on the forum!

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