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The Performance Marketing Network
Working with an affiliate network that consolidates multiple affiliate verticals can be a game-changer for any affiliate looking to expand their reach and revenue stream. Enter The Performance Marketing Network (a.k.a. TPMN), an affiliate network that merges various affiliate programs under one roof.

The advantage of working with such an affiliate network is that it saves time, money, and resources. Instead of signing up for various affiliate programs from different networks, businesses can access them all in one place, making the process more manageable and efficient.

The Performance Marketing Network Features​

The network offers a plethora of affiliate programs, spanning different verticals such as Apps, Credit/Finance, Dating, Gambling, Nutra, Ecom, Sweepstakes, and more. With more than 600 offers available, you'll never run out of options to choose from.

They offer various conversion types, including email submit, PIN submit, app install, lead (SOI and DOI), CPS, COD, and more.

And if ever you don't find the offer you're looking for, they encourage you to contact their support team to submit a request.


Competitive Rates​

The competitive payout rates offered by TPMN for affiliates is no joke. With an average payout rate that is said to be 20% higher than that of its competitors, affiliate marketers have every reason to be excited about collaborating with TPMN.

Traffic Insights​

Have you ever wondered how to drive the right kind of traffic to affiliate offers? It's no secret that there are plenty of ways to boost your traffic, but not all of those visitors translate into conversions.

That's where The Performance Marketing Network's assistance comes in. With over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, they are experts at knowing what kind of offers convert for your specific traffic (and vice versa).

TPMN's team of expert managers is dedicated to keeping affiliates up-to-date on the latest trends in PPC keywords, sales and conversion metrics, and even traffic sources. Their tailored insights are invaluable in today's crowded online landscape, and they can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing your media buying potential.

Accurate Stats​

Utilizing Everflow, one of the most established affiliate tracking programs in the industry, the network puts accuracy and security at the forefront of its operations. Not only does the use of Everflow provide peace of mind knowing your data is in good hands, but it also offers a familiar interface for those already well-versed in the program.

Earn from Referring other Affiliates​

Don't hesitate to invite people you know! Every time someone signs up through your unique referral link, you earn a 10% commission on their earnings for as long as they remain a part of TPMN.

The Performance Marketing Network Payment Terms​

TPMN's payment terms are not only speedy but also flexible, designed to benefit both partners and affiliates. They pay weekly after you have passed the Net-12 hold.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $250 and can be withdrawn through various means. Whether it's ACH, Wire, Payoneer, Paypal, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies, they've got you covered.

Got questions? Get in touch with them through The Performance Marketing Network's official forum thread.

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