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If you're looking for an affiliate network that's worth betting your time on, Serious.Partners is one option to look into. This network has earned its badge of honor for being in the industry since 2011.

Serious Partners is proof that working with traffic doesn't have to be a complicated endeavor.

With its easy-to-use tools and an experienced affiliate management team, you can quickly start getting the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Serious.Partners Features​

Serious Partners offers affiliates two paths to earning:
  • through mobile subscriptions
  • through gambling, betting, and dating
You can create one account for your vertical of choice. If you opt to promote a different vertical down the line, you can discuss it with your affiliate manager.

When it comes to mobile subscriptions and mVas, Serious Partners has offers that come directly from mobile carriers. This means all programs are approved by carriers and are not likely to disappear immediately. There's also a wide variety of topics and categories for these offers, so your audience will not get tired of them easily.

As for gambling, betting, cryptocurrency, and dating, affiliates are assured of fresh programs to be promoted regularly. Plus, you can find an offer for traffic coming from any part of the world.


Apps and Marketing Materials for Partners​

Serious Partners live up to their name — they are serious about providing affiliates everything they need to succeed. This includes the following:

Ready-made promotional pages​

You can get started right off the bat by utilizing any of the platform's specialized pre-landers. Find the right one for your traffic and goals by filtering for the exact category, mobile carrier, or conversion type you need — whether it's for subscription or internet click.

Free iOS or Android apps​

Serious Partners provides free access to apps through the SeriousRentBot — an in-house development engine specifically designed for renting Android and iOS apps for your audiences coming from Facebook, TikTok, and other similar traffic sources.

All of their applications are sure to receive swift approval in app markets, allowing you to quickly break into AppStore and Google Play. Being available in app markets can make your application look legit and trustworthy, allowing you to gain the confidence of your audience easily.

To top it all off, these guys know how to make the perfect applications for gambling, betting, and crypto. Affiliates can even use them to encourage their own users to sign-up directly and make a deposit.

Additional Support​

With Serious Partners, you'll have access to professional support and expertise — with each affiliate having their own personal manager to guide them in what offers to choose and which approach to take. And don't worry if you hit any bumps along the way either; they offer 24/7 technical support so you can get back on track fast.

If you're having trouble with ad networks and social media platforms, you may even be provided with expendables such as new ad accounts and cards to use for purchasing traffic.

Serious Partners Payout Options​

Serious Partners has a convenient payment arrangement for its affiliates. Payments can be withdrawn on a daily basis, providing the $100 minimum threshold is reached and any payment holds are cleared right away.

As far as payout models are concerned, there are three options available: CPA (cost per action), CPL (cost per lead), and RevShare (Revenue Sharing). Both the payout model and the hold period depend on the offer.

Curious to learn more about Serious Partners? Visit their official thread here and take part in the conversation.

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