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SecondProfit is a company founded in 2016 with an office based in Cairo, Egypt. Its mission is to provide intelligent data-driven marketing services to help businesses expand in a smarter way.

They are focused on delivering great products and services to millions of technology consumers worldwide. Their areas of expertise include performance marketing, user growth, and brand awareness.

SecondProfit develops the products and services to promote its advertisers' brands, so affiliates can expect to find exclusive offers within the network.


SecondProfit Review​

SecondProfit focuses on the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region for its digital products, although it has a few worldwide offers in its database.

Content-Based Affiliate Offers​

This network focuses on quality content, which helped it become one of the leading affiliate networks in the MENA region.

The most popular products that SecondProfit have fall under the following categories:

1. Mobile Apps and Games: There are several mobile apps available through SecondProfit, including a range of mobile games, productivity apps, and utility apps.

2. Streaming Video and Music: Online streaming is all the rave today, and SecondProfit's offers are banking on this fact by promoting video and music services, most of which are subscription-based.

3. Educational or Online Learning Products: The network offers a wide range of online learning products, including e-books, video courses, audio courses, course-related apps, etc.

Aside from these, SecondProfit also has offers under Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Home Improvement, and Insurance verticals.

Two of the biggest brands that SecondProfit directly works with are:

1. SecurityPlayer​

SecurityPlayer provides its customers with advice on protecting their privacy and devices, plus it offers top-rated antivirus apps based on the customer's operating system. And as if that wasn't enough, SecurityPlayer provides daily news updates on all things technology-related!

SecurityPlayer is currently live in one country and focuses on four mobile operators. To date, it has already amassed over a million subscribers.

2. KindaGames​

KindaGames is a new online gaming platform that gives users unlimited access to over 70 games for one subscription fee. The platform is currently active in two countries with four mobile operators and has over 470,000 subscribers.


Focused Conversion Flows​

SecondProfit's offers fall under three types of conversion flows:

Carrier billing - They provide in-house carrier billing offers, including billable and non-billable actions. Affiliates can choose between 1-Click Flow, 2-Click Flow, pin submits, and mVAS offers. Second Profit covers six countries and 14 mobile operators in the area for carrier billing offers.

Click2SMS - This flow confirms the conversion once the user sends a message to a specified number. To make things easier, some offers have the Click2SMS button that immediately opens up the user's messaging app when clicked, prefilled with information to confirm subscription and the number to send the message to.

Click2Call - This flow is very similar to Click2SMS in the sense that it confirms conversion when the user initiates a phone call to the advertiser. When a button is available, clicking it will launch the default calling app on the user's mobile phone.

The offers under both Click2Call and Click2SMS conversion flows can be run worldwide, covering 170 countries and 490 mobile operators.

Second Profit Payout Options​

The network regularly releases affiliate payouts every week for as long as you reach the threshold of $25 (which is not that hard to achieve). You can get paid via PayPal, Wire, Wise, or Payoneer.

🚀 There is more information on the official SecondProfit thread here.

Latest Rating

  • Akahma
  • 5.00 star(s)
one of the most amazing networks I have ever worked with,
especially with their private offers. I have noticed a very big difference for these offers in "terms of conversions" than any other networks,
my affiliate manager m always responsive, Secondprofit have a very good payment options, with No delays "specially for Middle eastern Affiliates"

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