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RTX Platform Pops
If you are looking for a traffic network that gives you full control over your pop campaigns, RTX Platform Pops is a great choice. RTX Platform, formerly 50onRed, has been around for a while and has been one of the most talked about pop ad providers.

Their initial traffic offerings are Search and Pops, but they eventually dropped Search and added Push Notification and Native Advertisements.

RTX Platform Pops Features

Platform & Device Targeting
Similar to other pop traffic providers, RTX enables you to choose the device, mobile device models, operating system, browsers, connection types, and mobile service providers.

Category Targeting
You are required to choose a category (which cannot be changed later) so that your offer will be delivered to audiences that are viewing related websites. This can be useful if you have no keyword targets in mind and would like to use RON (run of network) traffic.

Conversion Boost
This is RTXPlatform’s automated optimization tool. There are three types of quality tiers: low, medium and high. The High Quality Tier is said to give you up to ten times possibility of conversion but is also more expensive by 4 to 5 times than the Low Quality Tier. The Middle Quality Tier is 2 to 3 times more expensive than the Low Quality Tier but is said to increase conversion by three.

To make this work, though, you would need to set up conversion tracking within the platform.

Keyword & Domain Targeting

The most prominent feature of RTX Platform Pops is that it allows you to add keyword targets to laser focus your campaigns. Not all pop traffic source providers have this feature. The following are its targeting options:

Domain Targets
This is the best way to target root domains (sample.com) and subdomains (blog.sample.com). Domain targeting uses exact match, so, for instance, you are targeting sample.com, the traffic you receive will be from people viewing sample.com only.

URL Targets
URL targets allow you to target your audience based on full URLs, a portion of URLs, or words that are contained in a URL. URL targeting is broadly matched by default, so the phrase you use would match any URL that has these words in no particular order. In order to make your target exact match, you can place quotes around the URL target. You can also target based on the order of the words by placing them in a bracket.

URL + Page Content
This targeting style offers a combination of URL and page contents. This means even if your keywords are not included in the URL, your ad can still pop up if the contents of the page include them. Like URL targeting, this option allows for broad match, exact match, and in-order keyword match.

Search Query
If you want your ad to pop up on pages that have “buying intent”, you can use Search Query targeting so your ad shows up on the results page of search engines. Similar to the previous two targeting types, you can also use broad, exact and in-order keyword matching.

RTX Platform Funding

There are several ways to fund your account, and these are:
  • Credit or debit card
  • ACH
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
Whichever funding option you choose, the RTX Platform minimum deposit is $500 for first-time payments and $100 for future payments.

If you search for an RTX platform review, you will find that people generally like using RTX and have seen their campaigns succeed. For those looking for more control over where their pop ads show up, RTX Platform is indeed a great choice.

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  • Luke
  • 5.00 star(s)
I started running pops with 50onRed (now RTXPlatform) many years ago and had a lot of success. My biggest conversion ever happened with RTX Platform and was a lead which resulted in a $500,000 insurance policy.

If you want to run pop traffic on specific domains, RTXPlatform it the best choice!

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