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REBLL Network
Looking for an affiliate network with a solid catalog of exclusive offers? Try REBLL Network. This network has been steadily building a good reputation, which is why affiliates should not hesitate to try them out.

Established in 2018 and currently headquartered in North Holland, Netherlands, REBLL is a performance marketing network that strives for the best solutions for both their advertisers and affiliates.


REBLL Features and Benefits​

Great Portfolio of Affiliate Offers​

One thing REBLL Network is really proud of is that they have a lot of exclusive offers. They work with several direct advertisers, which is why they have direct campaigns and even white-label products. They are currently one of the highest paying networks when it comes to dating offers.

Their in-house exclusives fall under the following categories:
  • Flirt and dating offers
  • Live Cams and adult gaming offers
  • Sweepstakes
They accept traffic from Tier 1 regions and Tier 2 countries within Europe. There are also some offers available for Russia and Japan. These offers work for mobile and desktop traffic.

To date, there are more than 600 offers within REBLL’s portfolio, all of which use the Cost Per Lead conversion flow, most of which are Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in.

Quality is Their Priority​

Most of what REBLL earns is reinvested back into their platform so that the tools that publishers need to succeed in promoting offers can be further enhanced.

They also invest in their affiliates. So the better the quality of your leads, the better deals you can negotiate with your affiliate manager, such as higher CPL.

For any concerns such as customized banners or landing pages for exclusive offers, increase in lead cap, inquiry on accepted traffic sources for a specific offer, or any other matters, their affiliate support is there to provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They quickly act on any problems you may have so that you can start getting conversions and making money!

Accurate Tracking​

Making sure that your conversions are properly tracked and recorded is essential. You can trust that REBLL will monitor conversions accurately with the help HasOffers tracking system.

Their dashboard is pretty straightforward, making it effortless for affiliates to find an offer and quickly request for approval (if the offer isn’t pre-approved). Available banners ad landing pages are shown in individual offer information pages.


Referral System​

In addition to earning by promoting offers, you can also earn by encouraging other publishers to sign-up with REBLL. You’ll get 3% of the earnings of all your referrals.

REBLL Payment Options​

If consistent cash flow is your concern, you won’t have to worry much about REBLL Network. They send payouts as often as necessary so that media buyers won’t face the problem of needing to pause campaigns because of a lack of funds.

Earnings must reach at least €250 before you can withdraw. Payment options include PayPal and wire transfer. The good news is that REBLL’s payout schedule is on Net-1, which means it will only take one day for your conversions to be validated and your payment to be released.

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