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Profit Pixels

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Profit Pixels
If you're looking for next-generation crypto, forex and trading affiliate offers, one of the best choices for companies to work with right now is Profit Pixels. It is an affiliate network that focuses on cryptocurrency and other finance-related offers that has been all the rage recently.

The company was launched in 2020 and is currently headquartered in Minsk.

Profit Pixels actively posts about updates, top-performing offers, and new features in their official affLIFT thread, which you can find here.


Profit Pixels Features​

The network invested in AI systems to ensure high-quality conversions for both its affiliates and advertisers. The platform accepts traffic from anywhere and uses machine learning to revert users to call centers that best match the traffic based on geolocation, language, and time. Its AI system also prevents duplicate leads.

In-House Offers​

The network has a wide selection of in-house offers available for all global locations and almost all traffic types. Accepted traffic includes SEO, email, mobile apps, and media buying traffic.

Affiliates have plenty of exclusive offers to choose from, so you can find the ideal offer for your traffic with less affiliate competition. Furthermore, since the offers are exclusive to the network, you can expect the rates to be higher than usual, with some reaching up to $1,100 per conversion.

If you are running a profitable campaign with an offer that is not available in the network, you can contact your affiliate manager and request it. Profit Pixels’ team will do its best to acquire that offer for you.

Native-speaking Call Centers​

Aside from English-speaking call centers, the network also works with native-speaking call centers to further increase your chances of conversion during the confirmation process.

S2S and API Support​

To enable and enhance sharing of data with third-party tracking systems, Profit Pixels’ platform supports S2S postback and API support.

Real-Time Statistics​

Profit Pixels’ innovative tracking system is a game-changer for affiliates because it enables them to monitor the traffic, status, and conversions in real-time. They've added a detailed report section with several metrics for tracking call center conversions and lead status at all times.

Unique Pre-landers and In-House Funnels
Making the first impression is essential for improving conversions. To help you save time on creating your pre-landing pages, Profit Pixels provides you with ready-to-go pre-landers to warm up the users and help maximize your conversion rates. These pages have already been tested and have shown to have high conversion rates.

The funnels have also been built in-house and monitored via their proprietary tracking system, thereby protecting affiliates from lead-shaving.

Personal Manager​

Every affiliate is assigned a personal manager who will always be ready to help when it comes to using the platform and provide advice on which offers work best based on the traffic type and source.


Payment Methods​

Profit Pixels only requires one confirmed CPA action to send the first payment to the affiliate. Subsequent payments will be sent on a regular basis without a minimum requirement.

The network sends payments on a weekly basis but can hasten payouts to as soon as two days from confirmed conversion.

They have multiple payment options, including:
  • Wire
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether
  • Webmoney
Profit Pixels also provide its affiliates the opportunity to invite friends and earn a 3% commission from the earnings of referrals.

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