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PopCash - Ratings

Minimum Deposit

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Created by visionaries and co-founders Alex Matican and Radu Mihaita, PopCash ad network has consistently been one of the leading campaign platforms in the popunder scene. The idea came to the duo in early 2012, and by late of that year they already have PopCash up and running.

As a company, it has always prided itself in its rapid momentum, owing to the expertise they provide as well as the quality results they are able to produce. With a growing market, it has steadily increased its workspace and workforce in order to provide an even better experience for both budding and seasoned advertisers.

PopCash Features

If you have a small budget but would still like to work with a PPV traffic provider that offers a lot of traffic, then PopCash is a great choice for you! Aside from being budget-friendly, PopCash has tons of features, which include the following:

Fast Approvals
In the world of advertising, time is money. With Pop Cash working beside you, you are guaranteed to have your campaign approved and running within an hour after creating it. Even during the busy weekends, the team strives to approve your campaign within 12 hours.

Great (and Fast) Support
One of the most prominent features of PopCash is its world-class support system. In order to help advertisers create campaigns faster and easier, they offer live support whether by email or even via Skype.

Hourly Report Updates
It is important for advertisers to closely watch how their campaigns do once it is live, and so PopCash has created a system for hourly updates regarding your pop campaign so that advertisers like yourself can monitor your pop-under campaigns’ progress easily and clearly.


Self-Serve Ad Platform
When using PopCash, you are given full control over your campaign. With handy tools and an up-to-date interface, the creating, managing, pausing, and deleting of your campaign is right at your fingertips.

Fraud Traffic Protection
With its state-of-the-art security and innovative techniques, PopCash helps advertisers identify potentials threats like traffic fraud. This way, advertisers are only given human traffic, which in turn helps create more profitable campaigns.

Campaign Optimization
Advertisers are able to manage their campaigns in finer detail with the help of PopCash using their trade signature of publisher whitelisting and blacklisting. They are given a more specified control on who engages in the campaign and who to avoid, all for a better and faster ROI.

PopCash Updated Interface
Taking its time to listen to the users and creating a better interface, Pop Cash has prided itself with having an up-to-date and state-of-the-art intuitive interface that lets you create campaigns easier and better, whether on mobile or on your office desktop.

PopCash Payment Methods

Interested in using PopCash for your next campaign? Whether via wire transfer, PayPal, Paxum, and even Skrill, all you need to do is place the PopCash minimum deposit of $5 in order to have your campaigns up and running in no time. With this low minimum deposit, even advertisers who have a low budget can start getting traffic.

Although the company was established in 2012, its core is made up of seasoned vets in the scene and has been thriving in it for more than ten years. All these advantages, partnered with the skills and techniques they have amassed for years, are sure to bring PPV advertisers quality service and results.

Check out our PopCash Review to see how this pop traffic provider worked for us.

PopCash Tracking Tokens

These are the tracking tokens (macros/variables) you can use to track PopCash data for each click generated on your affiliate offer!

Tracking TokenToken Description
[clickid]The unique ID used for conversion tracking
[siteid]Publisher's website id (this is the one you need to track the site-ids)
[category]Category name (Movies, Streaming, Downloads and so on...)
[cc]Country Code (2 letter country code like US, FR, DE, IT)
[operatingsystem]Operating System (Windows, Linux, Android and so on...)
[campaignid]Campaign ID in our system
[bid]Visit cost ( Will be the Bid value)
[connection]Connection type
[device]Devices type name
[browser]Browser type name
[carrier]Carrier name (if it's a carrier visit)
Popcash is a good tool at buy popunder traffic but I will say it's not the best!
It provides a decent amount of traffic under budget. So, if you are under budget and want some quick decent traffic, Popcash will be a good choice.

But if you don't have budget issues and want highly quality (targeted) traffic, I will not recommend it.
Happy Traffic :)
Decent volume, low pay entry but not the best quality out there. Good for scaling campaigns when they are working in other sources as long as you know how to clean bot traffic.
One of the best , it is so simple but so detailed at the same time, the supporter are very good, I don't recommend it for test offers while as you can't control the speed of the traffic but as soon as you find a good offer you can send traffic with out limits.
I've run quick a few campaigns on PopCash and it's easy to use and has quite a lot of targeting options. There's quite a bit of traffic, but I'm not so sure of the quality. I've had some issues with a lot of click loss and found that most of the publishers are pretty unresponsive, though there are a few that bite now and then.

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