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OWNR Wallet Affiliate Program

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OWNR Wallet Affiliate Program
In today's digital age, virtual currencies have emerged as an influential force, reshaping the traditional financial landscape. Their significance is increasingly recognized as they offer a novel way of storing value and conducting transactions. These enhance financial efficiency and democratize access to financial services.

Amidst these developments, the advent of OWNR Wallet presents an innovative solution that embodies the potential of digital currencies. This application transcends transaction norms, enabling users to send, receive, withdraw, exchange, and purchase a myriad of virtual currencies.

In essence, this app empowers people to navigate the realm of digital currencies with ease and confidence.

And the good news is — it has an affiliate program.

OWNR Wallet Features​

OWNR Wallet supports a wide range of virtual currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others, providing a comprehensive platform for digital assets.

Secure Transactions​

The wallet ensures the utmost security through advanced encryption techniques, protecting your assets from cyber threats.

Instant Exchange​

It provides a seamless and fast exchange of digital assets, circumventing the complications of traditional banking systems.

Purchase of Cryptocurrency​

Users can directly purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit or debit cards through the platform.

Customizable HD Wallet​

OWNR Wallet gives users control over their private keys and enables the creation of customizable Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets.

Visa Prepaid Cards for Personal and Business Use​

Users can get a Visa prepaid card that can be funded straight from the OWNR Wallet. The funds can be in the form of cryptocurrency or any traditional currency (fiat currency) and can be withdrawn or used wherever Visa is accepted.

User-friendly Interface​

The intuitive design of OWNR Wallet allows users to navigate the platform and conduct transactions conveniently.

24/7 Customer Support​

OWNR Wallet offers round-the-clock customer support to assist users with any potential issues or queries.

Users can reach them through the ticketing system within the platform or through the app’s official social media pages and chat platforms.


OWNR Wallet Affiliate Program​

OWNR wallet accepts all kinds of affiliates to their program:
  • webmasters and bloggers
  • media buyers and marketing specialists
  • social media influencers
...and more.

If you're interested, here are a few of its key features.

Enticing Earning Potential​

This app stands out from other partner programs due to its lifetime advantage. With OWNR Wallet, each user becomes a perpetual source of income. Their continued usage ensures a steady stream of revenue for the partner through Revenue Share.

For the first year, the affiliate can earn up to 38% of the app's net profit from the referral. For the second year and thereafter, the affiliate gets 25% from the same referral, provided that this referral continues to use the platform actively.

Worldwide Offer​

Affiliates can promote to 211 countries around the world. This provides a wide reach and the opportunity to attract a multitude of users.

Accurate Reporting​

OWNR makes use of the Affise tracking system, which ensures that all conversions and commissions are accurately tracked and recorded. Affiliates have access to real-time statistics so they can monitor their performance and earnings at any time.

USDT Earnings Withdrawal​

OWNR Wallet processes USDT payments promptly and automatically on a monthly basis. If you've earned at least $100, you can also request to receive your payments earlier.


Aside from providing affiliates access to an affiliate manager who can address their concerns, the company also actively posts and connects with publishers here in affLIFT. You can find them here: ONWR Wallet's official thread 🚀

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