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Pop and redirect traffic can be a great way to generate leads and sales for your business. However, it can also be a bit of a headache to work with. That's why it's important to find an advertising network that can take care of all the nitty-gritty details for you. With a good network, you'll get high-quality traffic that converts well. is one such fully-managed network that was launched in 2020. It offers multiple ad formats, the biggest of which are the ever-popular popunder ads.

The network has an average monthly volume of 400 million for adult and grey mainstream pop ads alone.

MyBid Features​

MyBid is a fully-managed advertising network that offers advertisers an easy way to reach their target audiences. They work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to global brands, and their team is dedicated to helping each one succeed.

The best part about this managed ad service is that it is totally free — making it a great choice for beginner affiliates who are still novices when it comes to optimization. It is also a good option for pro affiliates who want to have someone else manage their campaigns so they can focus on the bigger picture.


Dedicated Account Manager​

When you join, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager. This is someone who will help you set up your campaigns, optimize them for better results, and troubleshoot any issues that come up.

Their approach is simple: they start by understanding the advertiser's goals, then develop a customized campaign to achieve them. The advertiser must provide all the marketing materials, including ad creatives and links to landing pages.

Your account manager is there to answer your questions, offer advice on how to improve your campaigns and apply optimization strategies to help you reach your goals. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pre-Made Whitelist and Blacklist​

MyBid's account managers have a list of sources that either work well or badly depending on the offer vertical. Having access to these, your account manager will offer to create a whitelisted campaign or block specific sources at the onset. This means your budget will be utilized more efficiently.

Simple Analytics Interface​

Even when someone else is managing your advertising campaigns, you still need to be able to monitor them. As such, MyBid provides a very simple analytics dashboard that allows you to view your campaign stats. Aside from this, the only other thing you can do on the dashboard is to activate or deactivate a campaign using the play or pause button.


MyBid Funding Options​

MyBid offers four funding options for advertisers: credit cards, wire transfers, Capitalist, and USDT. If you want to use any of the first three, you'd have to reach out to your account manager, and they'll provide you with the link to complete the payment. As for USDT, you can go directly to your MyBid dashboard and top-up the account yourself.

The minimum deposit amount is $100. There is no minimum maintaining balance, and MyBid will not charge you for ad management.

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