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Magic Boost


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Magic Boost
In the rapidly evolving digital tech landscape, Web3, a blockchain and decentralization-based internet version, is making significant strides. This isn't just a tech shift; it's a socio-economic transformation that offers vast opportunities for all. For those aiming to influence this change, aligning with a Web3-focused affiliate network can be strategically beneficial.

As part of such a network, you're at the heart of this innovation, collaborating with industry leaders and contributing to the internet's evolution. If you're ready to unlock Web3's potential, joining a dedicated affiliate network could be your first step toward a promising digital journey.

The very first option you have in this case is Magic Boost. It is a pioneering Web3 and blockchain-based affiliate network that's revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape. Its mission is to empower startups and businesses to tap into new audiences and fuel their growth.

Magic Boost Features​

Magic Boost's main company, Magic Square, has garnered substantial backing from renowned Web3 companies, solidifying its position in the industry. The startup successfully raised a significant $4 million in funding led by Binance, Republic, Crypto.com, and more, indicating the company's potential and promise in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

With such robust support, Magic Square is well-equipped to accelerate its growth and development, further advancing its mission to build a unique crypto app store (Magic Store) and affiliate network (Magic Boost) tailored for the Web3 era.


Exclusive Web3 Offers​

Magic Boost partners with major players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including Binance, Crypto.com, and Ledger. These partnerships allow the network to present high-converting blockchain-based offers to its affiliates, leveraging the reputation and reach of these well-established brands.

The offers available included the following:
  • decentralized exchanges
  • finance and payments apps
  • trading
  • NFT marketplaces
  • DeFI
  • games and play-to-earn applications
  • mobile applications
  • B2B apps and tools

Gleam-based Campaigns​

A unique aspect of Magic Boost's affiliate strategy is the integration of Gleam campaigns into their conversion process. Gleam is a multi-faceted platform that offers an array of tools designed to incentivize user engagement. These include sweepstakes, giveaways, competitions, and other interactive campaigns.

Completing a Gleam campaign can involve a range of activities. It could mean entering a competition, participating in a giveaway, or interacting with a specific piece of content.

Magic Boost Payout Terms​

Magic Boost has adopted a seamless withdrawal process that's as quick as a click. Say goodbye to long waiting periods because, with Magic Boost, withdrawals are instant. This means you can access your earnings right when you need them without any unnecessary delays.

The minimum withdrawal limit set is $100. Your earnings will be paid out in USDT (BEP20), one of the most widely accepted stablecoins in the crypto world.

As a warm welcome to the Magic Boost community, affiliates will receive a generous $100 bonus on their first withdrawal. For more details on this affiliate network, visit Magic Boost's official thread here.

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