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LuckyAds is a native advertising network that helps marketers promote their products or services to a global audience.

Lucky Ads’ platform is a perfect place for advertisers who want to take advantage of content recommendation ads even with a low budget.

Features and Benefits of LuckyAds Native​

If you want to use ads that are somehow resistant to ad blindness, then native ads can work for you. LuckyAds offers premium native ads traffic that will provide you with an excellent ROI.

They have a very diverse traffic that allows you to reach fresh audiences for your offers. LuckyAds gives advertisers the opportunity to promote their products or services on high-quality websites and mobile applications, which means the network can reach qualified audiences based on your preferences.


Fast Moderation​

You don't have to wait long before your campaign is launched. It only takes a few minutes for them to moderate your ad so you can get straight back to work and start promoting.

Self-Service Platform​

Advertisers have full control over their marketing campaigns when using LuckyAds. You can create campaigns, edit and pause them any time, even if your daily budget has not yet been fully spent.


Easy Campaign Creation​

Ad creation is pretty straightforward, that even newbies without previous experience can set up a campaign with ease.

Advertisers have 38 website categories to choose from. The categories with the most publishing websites are Multimedia, Torrents, Social Traffic, Holidays, Show Business, Bad Habits, Hobbies, Hunting & Fishing, and Finance.

Other targeting options aside from categories are geolocation, device, and campaign type (news or product/service).

There are three ad formats available, and these are:

Native Ads
These are your typical recommendation ads.

These are long-form ads that are placed on publishers’ websites, making it seem as if the article is actually available on that website. It contains a Title, a Description, and Long Text (up to 1,000 characters). Once the viewer clicks on the “More Details” link, he will be taken to your landing page.

Advertisers can use two types of dynamic tokens within the text, and these are {{City}} and {{Date}} tokens.

Text Ads
These are ads that are embedded within the content of the publisher’s website and look like a quote block or excerpt block.

Simple Tracking​

Monitoring your traffic using a third-party tracker is necessary to maximize your budget and optimize easily. You can use the following macros to properly monitor your ads:
  • AD_ID
  • BID

Premium Support​

If you have any concerns about your ads, reaching out to the team is easy. They're available 24/hours a day, seven days per week to help you out with any questions or concerns that may arise.

LuckyAds Billing and Funding Information​

This network charges advertisers on a per-click basis. The minimum CPC bid is $0.02, and the lowest allowable budget per campaign is $20.

Funding can be done via credit card, Capitalist, and WebMoney, for a low minimum deposit of at least $20.

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