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Lucky.Online Comments Ratings Discussion

If you're looking to up your advertising game, then Lucky.Online is an option worth considering — particularly if the Nutra vertical is in your area of interest.

Established in 2015, this performance marketing network has been the go-to of many affiliates based and promoting in the CIS region.

Boasting of already working with more than 15,000 affiliates, the network is now ready to accept more publishers, not just from the CIS region but from around the world as well.

Lucky.Online Features​

Lucky.Online is a company that focuses on the Nutra vertical — may it be in the male enhancement, weight loss, skin care, or anti-parasitic niche — they have it! Recently, the network has decided to expand both in reach and in offerings. It serves CIS, Europe, Latin America, and even some parts of Asia.


At least 10 new offers are said to be added every month, allowing you to choose from fresh and evergreen offers. All of these are pre-tested on actual traffic before they are released for affiliates to promote. This ensures that all programs have been proven to convert — all that's needed is quality traffic.

Affiliate Network and Direct Advertiser in One​

This CPA network is an ideal company to work with if you want to reduce lost leads. Not only does it provide its own in-house offers, but it also takes care of all the steps needed to get a product from production to delivery.

With Lucky.Online handling everything, affiliates can concentrate on more important aspects of their marketing with the reassurance that the consumers they referred will be contacted in a timely manner and will receive the products they ordered.

Call Centers All Over Europe​

The network is proud to share that it has call centers in every European country! This means customers will speak to someone in their native language, and they'll be contacted swiftly.

Processing of orders during the call is fast and only takes an average of two minutes. The operators' scripts and skills are routinely checked and improved to achieve better results.

To top it all off, LuckyOnline also processes valid trash leads and would even do a return call on customers that initially declined to offer them discounts. All of these mean better Confirmed Order rates and higher earnings for affiliates.


Comprehensive Promotional Materials​

It’s not just a one-stop shop for all your promotional needs, but you can trust that any material you find here will be top-notch. You’ll have access to 3D models, high-quality photos, unboxing videos, video reviews, landing pages, and more — everything you need for the most effective advertising campaigns.

Lucky.Online likewise provides useful tidbits on how to market specific products in specific locations. Read more about their tips on their official affLIFT thread.

Lucky.Online Payment Options​

With Lucky.Online, you never have to wait long to get paid. They guarantee same-day fulfillment when you make a withdrawal request.

They allow you to cash out through Bank cards, WMZ and WME, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Capitalist, Payoneer, or PayPal with a minimum of $50. It's not just convenient — it's super speedy and secure, too!

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