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Are you looking for a network that will provide you with VIP support, whether you are a super affiliate or just a novice one?

If so, then a good choice is Kivate, a rising CPA network based in Sri Lanka.


Kivate Features and Benefits​

Kivate has more than 200 offers within the platform, which fall under the following categories:
  • Push collection
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Sweepstakes (SOI, CPL, PIN, or CC submit)
  • Mainstream Video
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nutra
  • Antivirus
  • Downloads
  • Dating
  • Adult

Multiple Conversion Flows​

If your area of expertise depends upon the conversion flow, then you can search for an offer based on the goal. Goal types with active offers are:
  • Cost per Action
  • Cost per Lead
  • Cost per Install

Accepted Traffic​

As of the moment, accepted traffic types are display (banners), email, search, social media, incentivized, and non-incentivized traffic. They also allow push notification ads and pop traffic but make sure to consult with your affiliate manager about your traffic source before running a campaign.

VIP Support​

As previously mentioned, Kivate provides high-level support for all its affiliates, regardless of skill level and performance. The company believes that happy affiliates can deliver better results.

You can reach out to your affiliate manager via live chat (in Kivate dashboard), email, Skype, or Telegram. They even provide the manager’s phone number so you can easily call or text them if they are unreachable through any of the other channels.


Affiliate Tools​

To help maximize a publisher’s traffic and get better results, Kivate provides the following:

Landing pages
The network regularly sends out tested and cleaned landing pages that affiliates can take advantage of. These warm-up users to the offers and help improve the conversion rate.

However, the affiliate must understand a bit of HTML in order to incorporate his affiliate link within the landing pages provided.

Ad creatives
Banners and other creative types are available by request.

Case Studies
The network publishes case studies of their offers that perform well using various traffic types.

Accurate Tracking​

To ensure accuracy in tracking traffic and conversions, Kivate uses Offer18 tracking platform. Publishers can add up to 17 link parameters in their affiliate link and 43 macros codes in the postback to help collect click information.

Beginner-Friendly User Interface​

The dashboard is clean, simple, and very user-friendly. Even total noobs will not get lost within the platform.

Kivate Payment Options​

One of the things Kivate is proud of is its affiliate payouts. Their minimum required earnings for withdrawal is only $50, which is one of the lowest in the industry. Earnings are paid on a weekly basis via Webmoney, Skrill, PayPal, Paxum, and even Bitcoin.

affLIFT Bonus and Affiliate Referral​

affLIFT members who sign up with Kivate can get a 5% bonus for life. All you have to do is get in touch with your affiliate manager and let them know that you are a member of our forum.

There’s more! Refer new publishers to Kivate and earn a 5% commission from all your referral’s earnings.

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Great network to start with, account manager helped me a lot for my campaigns. I can recommend them with my experience. If you are a newbie I highly suggest them.

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