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Kadam Pops
In the quest for a versatile ad network that offers a broad spectrum of ad formats and can manage substantial traffic, Kadam emerges as a good option.

Launched in 2012 in the dynamic landscape of Eastern Europe, a region known for its blend of innovation and technology, Kadam began its journey as a native ad network.

Over the years, it has expanded its portfolio, offering advertisers a diverse range of ad types, including Clickunders.

Kadam Clickunders Features​

Clickunders are basically just popunders, except that they are triggered by a click on any part of the publisher page. It doesn't interrupt the user experience, and the price is pretty cheap, making it the go-to traffic type for many affiliates.

Here's what makes Kadam stand out from the rest:

Huge Traffic Volume​

The platform generates more than 3 billion clickunder impressions from Kadam's top 20 countries alone. Imagine how much more traffic it has when all 195 countries are combined!

Kadam works with RTB and direct advertisers to gather this amount of traffic on its platform. 80% of this traffic is mobile device users.

When running campaigns, you can choose between CPC or CPA payment models.


Self-Service or Fully Managed Options​

Kadam offers two distinct campaign management options tailored to different advertising needs: Self-service and Full Management.

The Self-Service option is ideal for advertisers who desire complete control over their campaigns. You have the reins, controlling everything from ad creation and audience targeting to performance monitoring and optimization.

The user-friendly interface of the self-service platform simplifies campaign management, allowing you to scale your campaigns and realize your advertising goals at your own speed.

Kadam's Fully-Managed option suits advertisers seeking a more relaxed, hands-off approach. If you have a test budget of $500 or more, or if you've spent $1,500 within a month on the Kadam system, a dedicated manager will be assigned to oversee your campaigns. This ensures a smooth advertising experience.

If your initial budget is $1,000 or more, Kadam provides comprehensive management at the onset, including setting up and optimizing multiple campaigns. This service alleviates your workload, enabling you to concentrate on your main business while Kadam's professionals adeptly handle your advertising campaigns.

Bot and Fraudulent Traffic Removal​

Kadam takes a staunch stance against fraudulent traffic, ensuring that advertisers get the valuable clicks they pay for. The system proactively filters questionable clicks and bot traffic.

Any dubious impressions or clicks detected by the platform are immediately purged from your official statistics and labeled as "free clicks." As the term implies, you won't be billed for these, making sure your advertising budget is spent only on genuine, high-quality traffic.

Funding Options​

Kadam provides various flexible payment options for advertisers. The minimum first-time deposit is set at $100. This decreases to $50 for subsequent deposits, except for bank transfers that require a minimum of $500.

Among the accepted payment methods are Bank Card payments in EUR, Bank transfers, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, Capitalist (RUB and USD), and USDT.

Read more about this advertising network's other ad formats and exclusive promotions in Kadam's official thread.

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