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If you want to increase your chances of converting users into leads or buyers, then you would have to warm them up first. The best way to warm-up your audience towards your offer is by creating a landing page.

But doing this manually is not only tough to do; it can also take a while. Plus, coding your own landing page (if you have that skill) may also mean it is not optimized properly and page loading time may become painfully slow. If you want a professional-looking landing page that loads pretty fast and can be made quickly and easily, then you should look into landing page builders.

One like Instapage, who claims that the average conversion rate using their landing pages is a whopping 22%!

Instapage Products and Features

Instablocks and Global blocks
This feature allows you to create your landing page in a drag and drop manner. You can easily place the elements of a page exactly where you want them to, with customizations in just a few clicks. Each part of the page such as the header, the footer, testimonials section and more is called a block. You simply choose the design you like per block, and then drop it to the desired section. Templates are available, but you can also create one from scratch if you like.

Customizable Templates
If you want to quickly create and launch your landing page without doing much, you can use any of the 90+ customizable landing page templates. These templates are already conversion optimized.

Accelerated Page Speed with AMP and Thor Render Engine
Page load time is one of the most important aspects of a landing page. Every second of delay in loading causes people to leave. Being fully optimized and utilizing Thor Render Engine, your landing pages created from Instapage would be three times faster than other landing pages.

Increase your chances of conversion and reduce bounce rate by providing your users with a unique experience. To provide this personal experience, you simply utilize the UTM parameters captured by the page. You can create multiple landing pages for one campaign, with the right landing page showing to the user based on information specific to him. If the user does not fall under any specific UTM parameter, he will be shown the campaign’s generic landing page.

Page Experimentation and Conversion Optimization
Instapage allows you to run multivariate tests using multiple landing page variations. They also have a heatmap to help you see how much of your page your audience is seeing, and which part of your page they are clicking on.

Visual Collaboration
Streamline your team’s workflow with the Visual Collaboration feature. If there are different people tasked in creating a landing page, approving it and launching the campaign, it would be more efficient if they can all have access to the landing page and respond quickly to inquiries.

Instapage Pricing

You’ll have access to all these features for the price of $129 per month. If you sign-up to pay annually, it will only cost you $99 per month. This Core plan comes with five sub-accounts and provides access to five team members. It also includes thirty landing pages (published), and 30,000 visitors per month. If you need more, you can opt for an Instapage Pricing Enterprise plan.

The Core plan is sub-accounts pretty expensive for the novice affiliate. If your campaigns that use Instapage become profitable, then it would be a good investment.

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