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Idvert Media Buy
Spy tools are among the best-kept secrets of pro affiliates years ago. Nowadays, this service is getting more and more popular, and still no less as useful as before. There are different spy tools out there, each of them with features that stand out against their competition.

If your biggest problem is knowing what offer to promote but not knowing how to go about it, then Idvert Media Buy is your best bet.

Idvert Media Buy Features

Offer Analysis
Finding opportunities in an offer is one of Idvert’s best features. In fact, they focus so much on how an offer can be exploited that you would be hard-pressed not to see green if you use Idvert spy tool.

Offers are analyzed in a multi-dimensional manner based on categories, location, publishers, traffic sources and rankings. This helps you discover what offers are performing best at the moment, which vertical is seeing an upward or downward trend, as well as find lesser-known traffic sources that work best for a specific offer.

You can even find out what sites other affiliates are whitelisting, getting rid of the need to test which publishers perform best for an offer.

Advertising trends for the offer are shown with a time period of 24 hours, seven days, and thirty days. You can view the trend of all the verticals at the same time in one graph, in order to help you compare which ones are performing well.

Offer Display
The platform displays target offers and their corresponding performance. There are five main ways for you to locate and narrow down the offers, and these are via:
  1. Keyword filter
  2. Country filter
  3. Affiliate network filter
  4. Traffic source filter
  5. Tracking tool filter
If you still can’t find an offer you like, you can use additional options to search for offers through the following:
  • Categories
  • First and last seen
  • Device
  • Ad formats
One-Click Money Page Download
Instead of having to manually look over and copy a landing page, Idvert offers a way for its members to get the money page and the ad creative in as easy as one click.

Idvert Media Buy has the capacity to direct its users to the real landing pages, even when these are cloaked.

Offer Subscription Reminder
Users can subscribe to an offer in order to receive email updates on changes with the offer’s performance and status. This includes whether the offer has expired, increased its payout, how other publishers are performing for this offer and more.

Multiple Ad Types
Idvert’s spy tool displays native ads, adult ads, and even social media ads. You would also be able to see ads and offers displayed on free and paid traffic sources.

Idvert Media Buy Pricing

This spy tool provides only one pricing and one membership level, and that’s $199 per month for every user. Payments can be made via Paypal only.

Although they don’t have a trial offer, they do provide a one-on-one demonstration on a request basis. Those interested can simply contact Idvert’s business manager via Skype at idvert_elaine, or via email at [email protected]

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