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IcyAds Push

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IcyAds Push
With the development and evolution of new traffic formats come new traffic networks. This system allows the media buying industry to continue to grow and expand.

One of the newest addition to a growing list of ad networks is IcyAds. This company was established in New Delhi, India, in 2021. The network offers multiple ad formats, one of which is everyone’s new favorite: push notification ads.


IcyAds Push Features​

Getting an account is pretty simple. Just fill out three pages worth of information, including your personal and company information, as well as the billing details.

You will then receive an activation link in your nominated email. Upon clicking the activation link, your account will be reviewed by someone from the team. This usually takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, after which your account will be active and ready to use.

Self-Serve Ad Network​

Even if you had to manage your campaigns on your own, it would not be a daunting task with IcyAds because of their simple and easy-to-navigate interface. Campaign creation can be done in a matter of minutes, with the step-by-step instructions outlined on the New Campaign page.

Diverse Targeting Settings​

If you want to capture the right audiences for your offer, make sure to narrow down the traffic based on the following targetings choices:
  • Geolocation
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Browser
  • IP or IP range
  • Website
  • Language (based on the browser)
  • Category
It is also possible to schedule ad delivery based on the day and time of day.


Good Traffic Volume​

In reality, Icy Ads is a DSP (Demand-Side Platform), which means it directly pulls available ad placements from its SSP (Supply Side Platform). This platform produces a whopping 10 Billion ad requests per month across all its ad formats.

As such, you can expect to scale your push notification campaigns in whatever part of the world and will not be disappointed with the amount of traffic you’ll receive.

Anti-Fraud Solution​

Fraudulent and bot traffic not only costs you money, but can also cause you to lose all your revenue once an advertiser kicks you out of the offer you are promoting.

Icy Ads understands how important it is for you to receive only real, human views, which is why they make sure that they only work with sources and publishers that can be trusted.

Icy Ads Support Team​

The company was founded by Haroon Nasim, who is an experienced affiliate and digital marketer. Their team understands the need of media buyers for support, especially regarding technical issues; hence, they opened multiple contact channels for easy communication.

Advertisers can reach out to the Icy Ads support team via Skype, Telegram, email, or any of the company’s social media accounts.

IcyAds Funding Options​

This network is very newbie-friendly; it only requires $50 to get an account running. It accepts payment via credit or debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

If you’d like to try this network out, take advantage of the 10% bonus that IcyAds offers affLIFT members. Visit their official thread to find out how to qualify for the bonus.

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