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The importance of tracking your online footprint cannot be overstated. Whether you're an influencer commanding the attention of thousands or a publishing affiliate trying to expand your reach through SEO, monitoring the links shared on your social media posts and websites is crucial.

But how can you keep track of all these links? How can you decipher the story they tell? This is where Heylink steps onto the stage.

As a tracking platform engineered specifically for influencers and publishing affiliates, HeyLink isn't just a click-counter—it is a platform for managing your affiliate links, your eCommerce store, and all your partnerships.


HeyLink Features​

In essence, HeyLink acts as your personal command center in the digital marketing battleground. It provides the tools and insights needed to strategize, execute, and succeed in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Here are some of its best features:

HeyLink Bio Link Page​

Your social media profiles are not just windows into your world—they're gateways to opportunities. With HeyLink, you can transform these gateways into revenue-generating powerhouses using the innovative HeyLink Bio Page.

Imagine the link in your bio as a digital concierge, guiding your audiences to a single page brimming with multiple destinations. Each click is a potential conversion, each visitor a prospective customer. The HeyLink Bio Page makes this possible, creating a hub that connects your followers to the content they're seeking.

But what if web page design isn't your forte? No worries! HeyLink has got you covered. The platform offers a plethora of free templates, allowing you to create an engaging and user-friendly Bio Page without starting from zero.

One Platform for Affiliate Networks and Direct Partners​

HeyLink serves as a one-stop shop for affiliates to monitor their performance or conversions with multiple Affiliate Networks and Direct Partners. It brings together disparate data sources into a single, streamlined dashboard, providing affiliates with an easy-to-digest overview of their performance.

For those in the e-commerce sector, HeyLink is particularly advantageous. The platform supports a wide variety of e-commerce-based affiliate networks, including industry giants such as Amazon, Awin, and Commission Junction. This means you can track conversions from these networks all in one place, saving time and effort.

AI-powered Analytics​

This platform doesn't just provide hard numbers. It also offers in-depth analysis, helping you to understand trends, identify successful strategies, and spot areas for improvement.

Whether you're seeking insights on a specific network, advertiser, campaign, page, link, author, or even the customer journey, HeyLink has got it covered. It brings together the scattered pieces of your data puzzle, presenting them in a way that's as straightforward as it is insightful.

But HeyLink doesn't stop at providing post-action analysis. It knows that in the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing, every second counts. That's why it offers real-time data, allowing you to stay updated on your affiliate performance without any delay. With this live data feed, you can make timely adjustments, seize opportunities as they arise, and keep your strategies sharp and effective.

HeyLink Plans and Pricing​

HeyLink only has two plans: Starter and Pro.

For those just dipping their toes into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing, the Starter Plan is a welcoming shore. This plan is absolutely free, forever, allowing you to explore the myriad possibilities without any financial commitment. It comes with a 50-link limit and essential features, providing a solid foundation for your affiliate journey.

But if you're ready to dive deeper, the Pro Plan awaits. Priced at a modest $5.90 per month or an even more economical $58.80 per year, this plan removes all barriers and lets your potential soar. With unlimited links and access to full features like Custom Branding, Commerce, Menu, and more, the Pro Plan is your ticket to unbounded growth.

If you'd like to learn more, visit HeyLink's official thread here.

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