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Today, mobile phones are considered essential for daily living. An average US adult will spend about three hours of their day using their smartphones. This makes it a powerful tool in growing traffic for publishers and advertisers alike.

But, how do you navigate mobile platforms to your advantage? That’s where Haka comes in.


Mobile Advertising Powerhouse

Haka.mobi is a direct advertiser and developer with their own one-click in-house offers. Their experts help publishers (affiliates) get the best revenue for their traffic, at the same time driving high-quality results to advertisers. Their ROI focused strategy makes it a strong and solid platform for mobile marketing.

They utilize advanced tools in creating, developing, and monetizing their own CPA and revenue sharing offers. This makes it easier for them to advertise through mobile and acquire users for brands and app developers.

Haka.mobi Exclusive Features

Advertisers can acquire premium traffic for offers on a global scale through targeted campaigns. Haka fights to deliver the best outcome with its performance-based solutions. Advertisers pay only for users and results. Their dedicated team of highly trained account managers understands the needs of clients. They provide constant support to make sure advertisers get the maximum ROI for every campaign they build.

For affiliates, various advertising tools and exclusive offers are available. Designed as a mobile traffic monetization engine, Haka is equipped with special features to help publishers increase their revenue.


Competitive payout
They offer the best payout in the industry with 85% of revenue share guaranteed. Other commission types available are CPA and CPL, using an in-house proprietary platform for tracking conversions.

Wide coverage
Offers are available for more than 100 countries worldwide. Advanced targeting by geo-location, carrier, OS, device, and other user factors for the best conversion rates are employed. Their top-performing geos include LB, PE, SS, DZ, AL, IR, ES, KW, LK, MY, PY, ML, and CL.

Optimized conversion flow
Haka uses Click2SMS mobile conversion flow. This is is a simple conversion flow wherein the user only needs to click on a button and a new page with prefilled information will open up. This page includes the user’s mobile number. Once the user confirms the information, the offer will send an SMS to the prefilled number. A conversion is counted once the SMS is delivered to the number.

The best converting niches for this conversion flow are dating and sweepstakes. As for traffic types, the best performing ones are push, native, and pop ads.

Aside from this simple conversion flow, this affiliate network also utilizes a smart ad server for optimized inventory delivery.

Expert account management team
If you’re looking for maximum support in optimizing and scaling campaigns, Haka will not disappoint. Aside from providing assistance to finding the best offers that will work for your offer, they also provide unique landing pages every week so that your audience will not develop an aversion towards your ads.

Haka.mobi Payout Options

This CPA network’s payment frequency is net-15. Their minimum payout for affiliate marketers is $200, sent through wire transfer only. Affiliates with verified quality can be moved to weekly payouts.

🚀 Haka is a part of the affLIFT community. Check out the official Haka thread for more information.

Latest Rating

  • Nick
  • 4.00 star(s)
The HAKA offers can be found on most affiliate networks, but what's better than going straight to the advertiser. They have great SMS flows for all GEOs worldwide. Running their offers is very easy because of how simple the conversion flow is. I only give 4 stars because of their initial payment terms... net 30 and the only payment method available is a bank transfer.

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