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Native advertising has experienced a roller coaster ride of popularity over the years. With the advent of new advertising formats, there has been an ebb and flow in its relevance. However, one undeniable fact is that native ads are here to stay.

Notably, Gen Z, the digital-savvy generation, has shown a marked preference for social media ads and native ads, leading to an increasingly successful conversion rate. Expectations are high that native ads will continue gaining traction in the years ahead.

In this evolving landscape, the emergence of new sources for native ads traffic, like Geozo, is a welcome development. Geozo is a native advertising platform established in 2021 and headquartered in Cyprus. Geozo operates worldwide and maintains representatives across Europe and Asia for partner convenience.

Geozo Features​

Geozo operates by establishing direct relationships with webmasters, a strategy that drastically enhances its effectiveness as an advertising platform. It currently has over 20,000 websites in its pool.

Geozo primarily focuses on the European market but also commands substantial volumes in other regions. Traffic volumes vary as the platform regularly adds new publishers and regions. This diversity is advantageous for advertisers seeking fresh traffic sources. Account managers can provide a list of current regions with volumes upon request.


Simple Interface​

Once you overcome the learning curve, setting up subsequent campaigns becomes a smoother experience. The simplicity of Geozo's interface stands out. Its minimalistic design and easy navigation enhance the user experience. Account managers can also guide newly registered partners through main interface features.

Targeting Settings​

Geozo equips advertisers with standard targeting settings to find their relevant audiences.

The platform allows advertisers to reach audiences based on specific categories (such as Business, Entertainment, and more). Through this feature, you can target users who frequently interact with certain content from an array of traffic sources. The most popular category with a significant share of traffic is News.

Geozo offers targeting by geo, device, time, category, and ad units, which is more specific than website targeting. Targeting is available down to regions for certain countries. Currently, the platform lists over 70 countries.

Advertisers can add unwanted traffic sources to the Blacklist. Moreover, they can launch campaigns with Whitelists to maximize traffic volumes from selected ad units.

Lastly, Geozo offers day parting, allowing advertisers to schedule their ads to run at specific times of the day. This functionality guarantees that your advertisements reach your audience when they are most likely to be engaged and responsive.

Ad Group and Ad Personalization Features​

Geozo empowers advertisers to structure their campaigns effectively through the use of ad groups. Within each campaign, advertisers can create individual ad groups, each addressing a distinct audience or promoting a separate product or service. This arrangement enables advertisers to maintain order and organization in their campaigns.

Under each ad group, multiple ads can be set up, providing an opportunity for A/B testing or showcasing different aspects of a single product or service.

Geozo also accommodates City and Date macros in these ads. This enhances the potential for conversion due to ad personalization.

In addition to these features, Geozo permits advertisers to place separate bids per region, per country, and per ad. This flexibility in bidding allows advertisers to allocate their budget more efficiently, placing higher bids on high-performing regions and ad combinations, and less on those with lower performance.

Top Verticals​

As with most native ads, Geozo's traffic is said to convert well for Nutra, Beauty, Content Arbitrage, Crypto, Finance, and other White Hat offers. While other verticals are also welcomed, consulting with the account manager on the most relevant sources for specific offers would be beneficial.

Geozo for Publishers​

It's worth noting that if you manage websites and generate high-quality traffic, you can explore opportunities with Geozo as a webmaster. As the platform partners with leading media holdings, it offers native-language support for numerous countries. Publisher reviews highlight Geozo's flexible conditions and openness to negotiations. Webmasters can use the Self-serve platform or delegate technical routines to personal managers.

Geozo maintains flexible traffic volume requirements but prioritizes quality. Websites with a minimum of 3000 unique daily visitors for at least one month upon registration are eligible. Additionally, a significant share of the audience should be 35+ years old.

Publishers can withdraw the earnings upon request, using PayPal, USDT, and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout amount is $1000 for Wire Transfer and $100 for other payment methods.

Geozo Funding Options​

The minimum deposit is $20. In order to top up your account, you'd need to talk to your personal manager via email or Telegram so that they can provide you with a unique deposit link.

For more information on this ad network, visit its official thread here.

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