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With a significant amount of traffic flowing to your app or website, you're primed for the next step — monetization. This step often poses a challenge, but that's where Gainster steps in.

Gainster offers a comprehensive solution, turning your hard-earned traffic into a tangible revenue stream. It leverages advanced technology and innovative strategies to monetize your digital presence effectively, ensuring that your traffic translates into profitable returns.

This platform turns visitors into earnings through the use of an Offer Wall. It currently has more than 5,000 offers in its database, so your audience will be shown a diverse range of offers to try. However, publishers have no option on the type of ads or offers that appear.


Gainster Features​

While some affiliate networks require a minimum monthly traffic, Gainster has none of that. It accepts all kinds of apps and websites for as long as its content are legal.

Website Monetization​

With Gainster, website publishers can monetize their traffic efficiently. Gainster's smart algorithm identifies and displays relevant ads to your website visitors, increasing the chance of engagement and, in turn, monetization.

Monetization can be done through a content locker that prevents the user from moving to the next page unless any of the actions in the offer wall is completed.

Android App Monetization​

Gainster also empowers Android app developers to generate revenue from their apps. It provides ads that blend seamlessly with the app's interface, promoting a positive user experience.

Offer walls on such apps may or may not lock specific access to app features. Some apps can use the offer wall as an incentive, allowing the user to gain specific points based on the conversion value.

iOS App Monetization​

For iOS app publishers, Gainster also delivers a robust monetization solution. It ensures that ads displayed are relevant to the user's interests and demographic, maximizing click-through rates and revenue generated. It works similarly to the Android app monetization version.


React Native App Monetization​

Gainster extends its comprehensive monetization strategies to React Native apps as well. React Native is not just limited to Android and iOS platforms. It extends its capabilities to other platforms like Windows, macOS, and even web applications.

Projects such as React Native Windows and React Native macOS enable developers to create native Windows and macOS applications using React Native. In addition, React Native Web allows developers to write and deploy web apps that look and feel like native apps.

Virtual environments catering to the Metaverse and developed using React Native are also on the rise, so Gainster can be used to monetize these.


Gainster enables you to monetize shortlinks on your website. Each shortlink is added to relevant keywords, so CTR is expected to be high.

Each time a visitor clicks on these shortlinks, you earn revenue. The platform’s sophisticated system ensures that every click counts, converting your website's traffic into a lucrative income stream.

Simple Interface​

Gainster has a no-nonsense dashboard that provides all the basic items you need, either as a publisher or an advertiser. You only need one login to become an advertiser or publisher, so you can easily switch your dashboards.

Gainster Payout Options​

The platform offers prompt and hassle-free payouts. That's why they've set a minimum withdrawal limit as low as $50, and a Net-30 payment frequency.

Once you've reached this threshold, you're eligible to withdraw your earnings through Faucetpay, Payeer, Paypal, Payoneer, Wise, or directly to your Bitcoin Wallet.

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