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Media buyers worldwide consistently face a significant hurdle that disrupts their business operations: their credit or debit cards getting blocked by their traffic source. This prevalent issue can result in lost opportunities and revenue, causing considerable frustration.

However, a viable solution is now within reach. By utilizing virtual card providers like FlexCard, media buyers can circumvent these obstacles.

FlexCard is a platform that offers a versatile, secure, and efficient method for transacting with traffic sources, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. With FlexCard, you no longer need to worry about blocked transactions, carving the path for seamless purchases and a streamlined media buying process.

FlexCard Features​

Flexcard is highly compatible with various advertising platforms, including the strictest ones like Facebook/Meta Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and many more. You can continue promoting affiliate offers across multiple platforms, reaching a wider audience and maximizing your advertising potential.


Less Declined Cards​

Many traffic networks decline bank cards based on their evaluation of their trustworthiness. That is where dependable Bank Identification Number (BIN) comes in, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring reliability.

FlexCard provides three trustworthy BINs in EUR and USD currencies, and they promise to add new ones every four months. These are Visa business debit cards, hence the ease of approvals.

Highly Secure​

When it comes to financial transactions, security is absolutely crucial. This is why Flexcard provides robust security measures like encryption and multi-factor authentication.

In fact, FlexCard utilizes 3D Secure to enhance the security of every transaction. This significantly reduces the chances of fraudulent activities and protects your financial information.

Efficient Management​

FlexCard offers a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies card management by allowing you to add funds at any time, monitor transactions, and view detailed reports. This level of control ensures transparency in tracking expenses and making informed decisions.

Good for Solo or Team Users​

Whether you're a solo media buyer or part of a team, FlexCard adapts to your specific needs. For independent media buyers, FlexCard provides an uncomplicated platform that facilitates single-handed management of all transactions.

For team accounts, FlexCard introduces a role assignment feature. This functionality allows the assignment of three specific roles: 'Owner', 'Manager', and 'Teammate'. As an 'Owner', you possess complete control over the account and can allocate specific cards and usage levels to individual team members.

The 'Manager' role carries the responsibility of overseeing the account's operations while keeping the 'Owner' updated on the team's progress. On the other hand, 'Teammates' have access to cards assigned to them by the 'Owner' or 'Manager', streamlining the process of delegating tasks and controlling expenditure.

Quick and Easy Replenishment​

FlexCard stands out due to its affordability in card issuances and finance replenishment. The card issue price ranges from 2-4 EUR, with no fees for card maintenance.

Moreover, FlexCard offers a flexible funding system that allows you to add funds using digital currencies like USDT, Capitalist, bank transfer, or bank cards. The minimum is 50 EUR, except bank transfer which requires at least 100 EUR.

FlexCard's fee for card replenishment is 3.5%.

Earn Free Cards With Referrals and Promotions​

FlexCard offers an exciting opportunity for its users to earn free cards. By simply referring other users to the platform, you can receive up to 10 free cards!

Even more exciting is the promotional offer for new users. When you sign up and use 'Afflift' as your promo code, you'll receive an impressive 100 free cards! It's a unique opportunity that both adds value to your experience and allows you to fully explore FlexCard's capabilities.

Learn more about the platform itself by visiting FlexCard's official affLIFT thread here.

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