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Nutra has always been one of the best verticals to promote if you’re an affiliate marketer. You can build your entire affiliate marketing business learning how to promote this vertical (and eventually mastering it) because you can be confident that this category will not go anywhere. There is always a similar offer available if the one you are currently promoting disappears. In essence, all your efforts will never go to waste.

There are different ways to earn from Health and Beauty offers, and this could be per lead, per CC submit, per confirmed COD orders, or per straight sale. If you are looking to promote Nutra offers on straight sale, consider signing up for Everest Media. Established in 2014, Everest Media considers itself to be the industry leader in straight sale Nutra offers.


Everest Media Features and Benefits​

Everest Media focuses on straight sale offers. A straight sale conversion is pretty simple to understand -- the user must purchase the product straight up using instant payments, such as credit cards or e-wallets.

This type of conversion flow works great for impulse purchases as it reduces the “cool down” period, wherein the user has time to think about whether he should continue with the purchase or not.

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Nutra Offers for Tier 1 Countries​

This network covers all products in the nutra category, which include the following:
  • Diet and Weightloss
  • Beauty and Skin care
  • Male enhancement
  • CBD
  • Blood Pressure and Diabetes management products
These offers are available for promotion in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland. The people in these countries are used to making purchases using their credit cards, which is why straight sale conversion flows work well for this target demographic.

High Payouts per Conversion​

Not only is Everest Media an affiliate network, it is also a direct advertiser. As such, affiliates can expect the payout rates to be higher than most. In fact, the network is so confident that they have the highest payouts in the industry that if you find a higher payout elsewhere, this network will either match that payout or pay you the difference if you’ve already earned conversions for it.


LinkTrust Tracking System​

Everest.Media uses LinkTrust tracking system to ensure accurate tracking and appropriate attribution of conversions. With their user-friendly dashboard, affiliates will find it easy to choose among offers, get their unique links, as well as view and download reports.

Comprehensive Support​

Promoting straight sale offers is utterly different from other conversion formats. It is not as simple as the rest because it requires an actual purchase. You need to choose the right traffic type, filter your audience, and warm them up to ensure conversion.

An affiliate marketer will need all the help he can get, and thankfully, Everest Media provides comprehensive support. Not only will each affiliate be given enough information on which offers work well for his traffic, but will also be given assistance in getting the right tools to scale.

Everest Media Payout Options​

Everest Media releases payments on a weekly basis, for a low minimum of just $50. Withdrawal options include Bitcoin, USDT (Tether), Capitalist, WebMoney, PayPal or wire transfer.

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