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Minimum Deposit
Got Whitelist from manager, but that whitelist must be whitelisted too.
Too hard auction right now for me last 2 month, but before, was very successful with green ROI in binom, with not bad spending for 1 geo.
Give 4* because working more than 2 years with that network.
In right hands, not very bad ad network.
Always compensate for bad traffic after some investigation.
In short, I’d like to say something about pros of EvaDav traffic platform:
The guys behind it and the platform itself are super friendly which provides an easy-to-jump-in experience without any complaints from the user’s side. The quality of EvaDav is great and their wide variety of sources let you choose the best type of traffic for your offers and enjoy excellent turnover. Also they provide a convenient layout of reports that makes analysis efficient and fast.
I am Rating Five because of their great support from their managers that each individual get therefore if your newbie evadav Won't let you down on their platform hence whenever I get an issue on their site they always there to guide me on what went wrong, what are the performing countries or what should I do to maximize my conversion.
Just gave them a try ran 5 different campaigns push and pop.
Pop traffic only gave 25% of what was displayed on there stats and their push has absolutely no volume even at top bid. Refund requested
I am using Evadav as publisher and sending push subscriber using their landing pages. I really like their landing pages and available options in landing page. Now they have smartlink options as well. Their landing pages converted very well as well however CPA rates decrease significantly after some conversions but traffic quality can also be a reason for it. I am planning to launch a new campaign from long time, hopefully will launch soon
  • Akif
  • 5.00 star(s)
You can be both publisher and advertiser here at the same time. Payments are on time.

Their push traffic is good. Broad range of targeting options. But lacks tablet/smartphone option. Minimum bids are also very low.
  • samb19
  • 4.00 star(s)
Their traffic is good but has very little volume and need a big budget too. This is a bit costly. So if you have experience and a good budget then you can try this.
  • Shifu
  • 3.00 star(s)
I had an avg exp with Evadav traffic quality. Sometimes they would convert but sometimes won't. I have tried their push traffic only. I also tried to do push sub campaign but their AM for push sub division was SO pathetic that I didn't even bother to go further. Once I decided I don't want to continue with their traffic then they refunded my balance amount which was really nice of them
I love Evadav because they have a lot of payment options to choose from whether you are an advertiser or a publisher. Even if the minimum deposit for advertiser account is $100 which is a little bid high for me, you will get high quality traffic. Regarding publisher side, I love when they pay every Monday to their publishers. Plus, the minimum payout is $25 which is very good to get a good cash flow when you are testing out their offers. I highly recommend them.
  • Caco
  • 2.00 star(s)
It's not the best option!
Payment methods is a problem in this network.
It's not possible to block TABLET traffic, so be aware of that!
I do not recommend this network, especially in financial dealings and traffic sources, most of which are sexual sites,
  • Luke
  • 5.00 star(s)
I've used EvaDav as both a publisher and advertiser. I love that they have fair flat CPA payouts for their push subscription service and I also have found their traffic to convert well on my affiliate offers!
  • Gold
  • 4.00 star(s)
We have used EvaDav successfully in the eCommerce niche. Got some conversions with them and when bidding less than average, we still got some quality traffic. However, the account manager is a little bit pushy, she tries to push us to bid higher, to spend more, etc. which is not so good experience. That is why they get 4 stars from me.
  • Jimmy
  • 4.00 star(s)
I've been using Evadav push ads a fair bit in the last few campaigns I've run. Their platform isn't bad and the approval process is great. They seem to be getting more subscribers all the time and the price is OK even if it's a bit on the higher side, but the quality is pretty good. I'd like to be able to run more creatives in each campaign, but I think they have 4 or 5 slots, so it's not too restrictive. Account managers are OK, a bit pushy if you stop spending, but helpful enough if you need something.
Superfast approvals, good traffic and UI, and good optimization options with active managers.

They just need more volume and work on their quality lately.
Good quality traffic and my campaigns always get approved quickly. For any disapproved campaigns my AM was quick to reach out to me and let me know the reason for disapproval. You can set automated rules and blacklists and whitelists and it has decent CPCs for the traffic quality.
1. Great support

2. 'Audiences' for black-listing and white-listing. This means you can have a single list of zones (sources) for multiple campaigns. Changes made in the list instantly appear across other campaigns, since it's actually a single list, shared between them.

3. Automated rules
Let's say you set an auto-rule on one campaign: if the zone (source) has 100 clicks and 0 conversions - put it into the blacklist. So you exclude automatically red zones. Plus, if the list ('Audience') is used as a blacklist in multiple campaigns, the zones will be excluded in all of them. The same goes for whitelisting.

4. Smoother traffic distribution between zones. Once you start a campaign, you can see in a tracker, that a big bunch of zones get a similar amount of clicks. Not like some other networks, where 5 zones eat up all the money until you exclude them.

5. Changes in CPC or start/stop take effect VERY fast. You can change CPC and in 10 minutes the tracker shows the changes. The campaign starts very fast.

6. They don't 'hide' traffic from you, as others do. If you have a few profitable zones, you can get traffic from it as long as it burns out. But you will actually GET the traffic. For example, on PropellerAds, they will say your targeting is too narrow and you'll get a drop in impressions. On EvaDav you get what you expected. If the zone gave you 100 clicks yesterday, in the whitelist it will continue to give the same amount of clicks!
  • Jahdver
  • 5.00 star(s)
It is a good traffic network, the support is excellent, I had a very good manager, greetings from Peru
  • szajka
  • 5.00 star(s)
It was my first traffic source for push campaigns. I like their traffic quality. I wasn't positive but they brought me some conversions! They have very helpful AM's (especially Anastasiia). As far as I remember they accept new campaigns almost immediately.
  • rakoczi
  • 5.00 star(s)
Evadav little by little has earned my confidence and my love, excellent traffic volume, being able to choose freshness of the push, good manager, good support, and a fairly fast approval of campaigns. Without a doubt it is my source of traffic where I scale the campaigns successfully.
I cannot forget to say that they accept many methods to deposit funds.

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