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Monetizing education traffic is a great way to boost income. If you have a teaching blog, a website about course offerings, or even a custom writing niche website, it would be worth it to have a partner in the academic writing field.

That partner could be Edu-Money.


Introducing Edu-money

Do not waste the opportunity to turn your leads into Edumoney! With a trusty education niche affiliate network, this is all possible. Edu-money is a company that works with all kinds of student traffic for monetization. Affiliates can receive anywhere between 55% and 70% of the order price. They accept traffic from white hat SEO, doorways, PBN, teaser banners, and highly convertible websites.

They can convert traffic from different geo-zones like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia but their reach isn’t limited to these countries. Edu-money converts student traffic from around the world and can generate customers from Germany, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. Because of the unique traffic targeted, the custom writing niche is notable for its seasonality and the hyperactive surge in sales. Proper scheduling and selecting various paper types with high orders can lead to stabilized income all year-round while surpassing low seasons without losses.

Edu-Money Advantages and Features

For beginners, joining affiliate programs of direct advertisers might seem like a daunting task. But one of Edu-money’s most significant perks is their outstanding customer support service. This makes it easier for clients to build campaigns and resolve issues. Their highly-trained programmers and designers can adapt to customer requests if it will help get relevant traffic. All of this is available through online chat 24/7.


Moreover, it’s also easy to navigate the platform with their video guides. A wide database of search keys, content, and visual materials and optimization instructions are accessible for members. Promotional materials are also provided for setting up ad campaigns such as:
  • ready-made sites in WordPress
  • WP templates
  • banners and buttons
  • calculators
  • order form, opt-ins, and prizes,
  • samples of written works
  • templates for doorways
  • information on services
  • information on the niche
Aside from these, there are more advantages in joining this growing network. Their in-house proprietary platform production results in high dynamic rates. Their referral system and sign up perks create an effective conversion mechanism. Generating a postback is also an option. If that isn’t convincing enough, Edu-money also offers a $35 bonus upon sign up!

Pricing and Payout

Edu-money works actively with potential customers and converts as many leads as possible through email marketing campaigns every 10 days. Earn your profit through Revshare or CPL method. Using both models at the same time is also possible.

With Revshare, the minimum rate for a sale is 55% for the first order. All their other purchases are considered as rebills where you take 20% for each order. This is a good way to generate passive income. An average client stays with Edu-money for two years and makes about 9 to 12 orders in that span. If CPL is used as a monetization model and the registration is paid in a fixed amount, sales and rebills are not available.

The minimum payment is $150 initially, and the succeeding is $5. Payment frequency is upon member’s request and Paypal is their payment method.

🚀 Edu-Money is a part of our community! Check out their official thread for more information and news about the latest updates from EDUMONEY!

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