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Earnify Push

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Earnify Push
If you want to promote ads using push notification traffic, you are likely looking into the major push traffic providers and weighing out which one would serve you best.

You might also opt to create accounts in several of these providers to get diverse traffic for your offers. But what if you can get traffic from all major push traffic providers all in one place and manage them in just one dashboard? This is what Earnify Push can do for you.

Earnify Features

Earnify is a Demand Side Platform that has been operating since 2014. It initially offered traffic for native ads but has now opened its doors for push. It is a programmatic platform, which means ad bidding happens in real time, as soon as an opportunity to show an ad that matches your requirements presents itself. Everything happens in a split-second.


To find out whether this DSP will work for you, here are its major features you need to consider:

Major Push Networks
Earnify is connected to several push traffic providers which include the following:
  • MGID
  • MegaPush
  • AdMaven
  • Adsterra
  • PropellerAds
  • RichPush
  • AdsKeeper
  • Clickstar
  • AdventureFees
  • EvaDav
They are currently in talks with other providers to widen their reach even further.

Self-Serve Platform
This means you have to set-up, manage and optimize your campaigns all by yourself. In short, you have full control of your ads. In case you need assistance, Earnify also provides a dedicated account manager who will help you understand more about the platform. This account manager will help you out, whether you are spending ten dollars or a thousand dollars a day.

Since you will be using traffic from various networks, you need to be aware of the advertising policies of the provider you want to purchase traffic from. As a best practice, you should create one campaign per traffic network per offer.

Transparent In-Depth Analytics
Earnify provides thorough information about the traffic you receive. One Earnify review specified that what they love most about this platform is you know the exact websites working or not for your campaigns. These are not hidden in source codes. Plus, the stats displayed are in real time.

Conversion Optimization
This platform also has conversion tracking. Match this with their programmatic advertising system and your campaign can be automatically optimized so that your ad will be shown to the best converting sources.

Fraud Prevention
One of the biggest causes for concern when purchasing traffic is fraud. Nevertheless, there is very little bot and fake traffic with push notifications as users need to opt-in first in order to receive an ad. To take it a step further, Earnify created its own anti-fraud technology to ensure that what you receive is a hundred percent legitimate traffic.

Earnify Payment Options

This programmatic platform has a minimum deposit of $100. You can deposit by using your credit or debit card, or through wire transfer.

Earnify Coupon Code

As an AffLIFT member, you can get a 20% bonus with a minimum of $200 deposit. Just use the coupon code AFFLIFT when adding funds to your account.

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They have terrible and unreachable support. I have never been treated so badly (as an affiliate) than when I joined the Earnify network. They request a personal ID card photo to verify the account and then don't check it for several days (and I don't even know how long we will have to wait, it seems like they are totally unserious). Our $200 deposit is still waiting to be approved, after more than 96 hours since top-up.

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