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Having a partner that knows the ins and outs of their technology, and has the capability to adjust it based on the needs of their partners, is the best type of company to work with.

DoAff is such a company. Established in 2011 and headquartered in Riga, Latvia, DoAffiliate is a CPA network that not only knows a lot about affiliate marketing but also programming. They are so good in this field that they created their own technology to manage and track offers.

DoAff married their expertise and their knowledge of what works in the industry so that publishers would have better chances of earning.


DoAff Features and Benefits

High Converting Offers
There is no shortage of offers to promote at DoAffiliate. This network actually specializes in Nutra (health, wellness, and beauty) and Finance (loans, mortgage, and insurance) offers, which are among the highest paying offers in the industry.

This affiliate network makes use of different conversion models. Depending on the offer, publishers may earn for every install (CPI), lead (CPL), action (CPA), or sale (CPS). They also have Cash on Delivery options available, which work best for select countries.

As of today, they have more than 800 offers on their platform. These are all in-house and come from direct advertisers, which means the payout rates will not be watered down. It is also possible to get custom payouts as soon as the affiliate proves the quality of his traffic.

Improved Conversion System
In DoAff, you will not simply be provided with a list of offers and links to promote. Instead, you will be given tools to help you turn your visitors to leads, and eventually even sales.

They provide their affiliates with the following:
  • Custom webpage generator
  • Smartlink
  • Personal reports
  • Individual data flow
  • Click data analysis (includes visitor information such as IP address, time and date of registration, source marketing material, website, and more.)

Enhanced Tracking System
As mentioned above, DoAff invested their own expertise in creating their tracking and management system. To ensure accuracy when counting conversions, this CPA network uses two modes of tracking, and these are:
  • Cookie Tracking - this applies to users that visit a landing or offer page. Cookies are placed on the browser or the computer, and if the user performs the desired action, the affiliate who delivered the traffic will be credited for the transaction.

  • Lead Generation - this is when the user signs-up either for a newsletter, a free item, and so on. Once this user performs the desired action (purchase, subscription, etc.), the affiliate that converted the lead will be paid for the conversion.
Reports for conversions can be tracked through DoAff’s landing page. All click and transaction information will be recorded so that the affiliate can analyze the results of his marketing campaigns thoroughly.

DoAff Payout Options

DoAff is very flexible when it comes to sending payment. Affiliates can receive their earnings via bank transfer, Bitcoin, Capitalist, eWallet, PayPal, Paysera, Qiwi, WebMoney, and YandexMoney. The minimum threshold for earnings to be released is $100 or 70 Euros.

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