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If you've enjoyed using CPV Lab in the past but prefer the convenience of the tool without server management, CPV One is the perfect solution for you to explore!

CPV One enables users to track, test, and optimize all marketing efforts in one place. CPV Lab, the self-hosted version, has been a prominent player in the industry for several years, providing marketers with the tools to optimize campaigns, increase conversions, and maximize ROI.

One of the key reasons why CPV Lab stands out as a top choice for trackers of OG affiliates is its comprehensive features, user-friendly visual interface, and regularly evolving capabilities.

Key Features of CPV One​

CPV One has done away with CPVLab's biggest downside (as far as many affiliates are concerned), and that is server management. There's no need for installation, maintenance, and updates—just sign in and view your stats!

The minimum duration of data retention is six months (cheapest plan), so you'll have plenty of time to back your data up in case you need them in the future. As for events, you'll have an allocation of up to 2 million per month for the cheapest plan.


Google-Certified Tracker​

Harnessing CPV One for your Google Ads ventures not only keeps you aligned with Google's strict policies but also ensures precise tracking and policy compliance.

A major perk of using a Google-certified tracker is the smooth flow of conversion data back to Google Ads. This automatic feedback loop enhances Google's algorithm with pivotal conversion insights, elevating the attribution and effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Real-Time Tracking​

Say goodbye to outdated tracking data! CPV One provides real-time tracking, so you always have the most accurate and up-to-date information on your campaigns. Server-to-server tracking, conversion API, and tracking pixels are just some of the ways CPV One allows you to monitor clicks, views, and conversions.

Intuitive Visual Interface​

With an intuitive visual interface, exploring your campaign data is now more seamless than ever. The platform showcases data in a user-friendly format, facilitating swift decision-making.

Full Range Tracking​

Whatever type of ads you are buying, whichever platform you choose, for as long as you can place a link, you can track them using CPV One. This means you can integrate and track performance across all your marketing channels, whether you're leveraging paid traffic, organic reach, email marketing, or working with numerous influencers.


MV Lab​

MV Lab is a CPV One plugin that revolutionizes multivariate testing. By utilizing MV Lab, you can effortlessly test infinite variations of your landing page without the hassle of creating multiple copies.

This tool allows you to identify the most effective variations, boosting traffic to the most successful combinations. Simultaneously, it enables you to eliminate any variations that fail to deliver profitable results.

CPV One Plans and Pricing​

CPV One offers four distinct plans tailored to various needs and scales of marketing operations.


Available at $57 per month or $577 annually, includes 2 million events per month and data retention of up to 6 months. This plan provides two campaign types, 3 API integrations, and 3 custom domains with SSL. You have the option to use the MV Lab plugin for an additional fee (depending on the number of custom domains).


Available at $97 monthly or $977 yearly, this plan increases the event capacity to 5 million per month and extends data retention to 12 months. It also includes 6 campaign layouts, 10 API integrations, and 15 custom domains with SSL. Access to a Google Certified Domain is optional for an additional fee, as is the MV Lab plugin.


Offered at $227 monthly or $2277 yearly, this one supports up to 10 million events per month. It mirrors the PRO's data retention and campaign features but adds unlimited API integrations and 100 custom domains with SSL. This plan already includes the MV Lab (for 5 domains) and maintains the optional Google Certified Domain access at an additional cost.


Caters to extensive operations with a rate of $467 per month or $4677 annually, it accommodates up to 30 million events per month. Beyond offering the longest data retention period of 24 months, it maintains the features of unlimited campaigns and six campaign types/layouts. The plan provides unlimited API integrations, 150 custom domains with SSL, incorporates the MV Lab for 10 domains, and continues to offer optional access to a Google Certified Domain.

All plans allow unlimited campaigns, offers, landing pages, traffic sources, and affiliate networks. A free 14-day trial is available for all plans. Follow this thread for more updates on this tracker.

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