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CPV Lab Pro - Ratings

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CPV Lab Pro
Ten years ago, finding a reliable tracker that matches what affiliates need is very hard. One tracker may be able to gather data for a specific traffic type or source, but not for another.

This led to affiliates even using two or more trackers, which can be a hassle. Thankfully, CPVLab arrived in 2010. And even though it is now close to its tenth year anniversary, this self-hosted tracking platform continues to survive in spite of the controversies and intense competition today.

CPVLab Pro Tracker Features

CPVLab Pro is the upgraded version of CPVLab, which was launched late in 2018.

MV Lab
This is a multivariate testing tool. It allows users to test different aspects of the landing page, without having to actually create multiple landing pages. This tool is integrated into CPV Lab Pro and is currently available for a lifetime licensing fee.

Easy Integration
CPV Lab Pro can be integrated with almost any traffic source and CPA network available today. Connecting your networks can be done in as easy as two clicks.

Google Ads Parallel Tracking Support
This simply means CPV Lab will be able to track your Adwords campaigns without a need for an interim redirect page, which Adwords frowns upon.

Unlimited Traffic
Since this tracker is self-hosted, the only limit to the number of clicks and views will be based on the hosting server’s capacity. If you’re looking for their preferred CPV Lab hosting, A2 Hosting and Beyond Hosting are what the company recommends.

Update Exact Costs
Sometimes the actual costs are not being fired properly by the pixel. When this happens, the user can download the actual costs from his traffic provider and upload it to CPV Lab Pro to make sure his stats are up to date.

Cloaking Options and Redirect Methods
If you want to hide your affiliate links from unwanted visitors, or if you want to send a specific visitor to a different landing page, you can utilize CPV Lab’s cloaking tool. When the traffic comes from blank or fake referrers, they will also be redirected to your choice of lander.

If-Then Redirects
Increase the chances of your offers converting by showing them to the audience that are most likely to convert based on specific parameters. Segmentation can easily be done based on the audience attributes, such as country, carrier, device and more.

Detailed Lab Reports
This platform allows the user to view the stats in multiple ways. Reports can be generated on various levels, such as campaign, landing page, ad, creatives, and more.

Live Switch Technology
This technology allows CPVLab Pro to continue tracking your audience, even when the user disabled cookie tracking. This works automatically and no additional configuration is necessary.

CPVLab Pro Pricing

This self-hosted tracker has only one plan, and it is priced at $59 per month when billed monthly, or $597 when billed annually. This can be used for up to 100 tracking domains.

This plan only needs to be paid for the first year. Subsequent years no longer have any licensing fees. If the user wants to receive continued CPVLab support and enhancements, an optional upgrade is available.

If you want to add MV Lab, there is a lifetime license fee. However, the price depends on the number of domains you will use it on, which are as follows:
  • 5 domains - $69
  • 10 domains - $99
  • 20 domains - $169
  • 50 domains - $299

CPV Lab Pro Discount!
Get a discount on the yearly plan and MV Lab for free on 5 domains with the Promo Code: AFFLIFT2020

If you are looking for a great self-hosted tracker, CPV Lab Pro might be the perfect solution for you. We also recommend you check out Binom tracker as well 🚀
This tracker is Good though! I do not know why this tracker is not as popular as other trackers? The customer services is responsive, the interface is good, the speed is GOOD (depends also with Your VPS).

If you want to know the negatives side from this tracker maybe:

1. You have to upload and SETUP all the things by YOURSELF. If you're not common with all FTP and Website builder things, You'll be confused. But, You just ask them, and They will help You.

2. You will need GOOD VPS for this to run perfectly! Do not ever decide to use this with Shared hosting, NO. It will chaos. Just subscribe Good VPS, and You will be good! :)

Positives Side:

1. For the SELF HOSTED trackers, this is the Cheaper and good ones!
2. You just need to paid the FIRST YEAR only, the rest is FREE.
3. They also have a FREE PACKAGE that You can try for sure!


- If You want to pay extra for subscribing the VPS, and You are okay with FTP and Website building things, this ONE is of course for You! If not, sorry i thing this GOLD is not for You. :)
  • agentf
  • 4.00 star(s)
I've used CPVLab for quite a long time on and off, I always liked it as it was self-hosted and relatively cheap. It was pretty decent in its time but after a few years started to fade then there was a bit of a rocky time and CPVLab Pro broke away.

I got to play with earlier versions of Pro and the move to PHP 7 was a massive bonus IMHO but other than that it was pretty much the same as the older now-defunct version. However, the team at CPVLab Pro didn't sit on their laurels and continued to release new versions and I must admit the latest one feels a much more rounded and slicker product.

For starters, the install is now much easier and smoother, you download the install wizard and away you go (shame really I did earn a few quid back in the day doing setups lol). Something which always bugged me a bit was the fact it seemed to call home a lot which I think with the new licensing has now stopped.

All in all its a pretty good product and being self-hosted allows you to run as much traffic as you can get through it without worrying about extra monthly costs.

Support seems pretty quick to respond and generally helpful which is always a big plus for any product. If you have a server and are OK to manage your own tracker then its definitely worth a look, they offer a 30-day trial so you can give it a whirl and see if it's for you so you can't really lose.
I was an old customer. This latest Dec 2019 looks a lot cleaner. It's self hosted so no one can see your campaign data and what is working for you! Posting back your conversions to the traffic source or everything to a 3rd party tracker always seemed suspect to me, but am i just cynical?
  • ray
  • 5.00 star(s)
Hi I was a ex customer from cpvlab. I was wondering if i can get a better pricing for cpvlabpro. Thanks to consider
I was a customer of the original CPVLab which ended up abandoned. It came to my attention that CPVLab was making a return as CPVLab Pro. I was very hesitant to give it another try but after a little back and forth with the new owner/developer I took the plunge and gave it a second try. I was very happy I did. The new developers began to release regular updates while also adding new features. With each update, I became more and more confident that maybe CPVLab Pro is actually here to stay once and for all. I began reaching out to support frequently with "how to" requests and they were always very helpful and their responses were pretty quick. While CPVLab seems to now be moving forward fast there was one drawback for me using it and that is the Admin Interface. To me, it just feels outdated and could use a whole new Admin Interface redesign. I did bring this to the attention of the CPVLab Pro team and provided my feedback and last I knew that is something that is on the roadmap of things to do. If the CPVLab Pro development team can address that issue I think they will be in a position to give other trackers a run for their money. Don't get me wrong, CPVLab Pro can already give other trackers a run for their money with the updates and improvements that have already been done. The Admin User Interface feeling outdated may not be an issue for everyone but it was for me. I am not currently using CPVLab Pro at this time but I will tell you that I keep going back and looking at the updates just waiting for the news to break that the whole admin interface has undergone a complete redesign. When that happens, I will certainly be jumping back on board with CPVLab Pro. Keep up the great work gentlemen.
been using it from last few years and i loved every bit of it .............................................
My default tracker. I like that there's no monthly fees and the support is great. It's thanks to CPVLab that I can dedicate my efforts on things that really matter like actually buying traffic/data and learning. I've found the tool to accurately reflect clicks on my offers as well as landing pages.

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