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If you have had success in promoting finance offers in the past, then working with an affiliate network that focuses on this vertical would be a huge advantage for you. If you are still in search, ClickMate is a good option.

ClickMate is a relatively new CPA network, having been established in 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, in such a short time, they have proven to be a reliable partner in this industry.

ClickMate.io is actually part of a European group of companies with a reputation for providing quality services not only to its advertisers but also to its affiliates.


ClickMate Features and Benefits
Finance Offers
If you’re looking for crypto or forex offers, ClickMate has everything you need. Their products are exclusive and in-house, which means these pay rather well. They have offers for virtually every country and can accept whatever amount of traffic you can send.

Excellent Affiliate Support
One of the things that ClickMate is greatly proud of is that they provide all matters of support for their affiliates. This network has offices in multiple locations, hence someone is always available to answer queries and provide support.

ClickMate is an exclusive network with strict requirements for acceptance, which means there is very little competition within. Account managers within this tight network can focus properly on every affiliate, so they are able to help each one perform better and earn even more.

Full-Package Solutions
Aside from being able to provide tried and tested landing pages, affiliates can request for fresh creatives for their individual campaigns.

ClickMate also guides its publishers with best practices when promoting offers through Facebook Ad Network or Google Ads. Best of all, if you have no ad accounts, this CPA network can give you a free one so you can start your marketing campaigns.

Best Technical Tools
ClickMate.io uses its own tracking technology to monitor traffic, leads, and conversions. They are very transparent with the performance of their affiliates’ traffic. Not only can publishers see the live status of the leads they bring in, but they can also request for additional data to help them better evaluate their marketing campaigns.

If you want to use a third-party tracking tool, you won’t encounter any issues since integration is pretty quick and simple. Aside from this, the network provides affiliates with access to its very own spy tool, click-fraud analyzing system, and proxy services.

Technological innovation is one of ClickMate’s priorities. With their experience, knowledge, and connection with vital players in the industry, they continue to develop tools that will further help publishers succeed.

ClickMate Payout Options
This affiliate network is one of those that understand fully how important cash flow is for affiliates, that’s why they offer Net-7 payout frequency. It can be adjusted to daily payouts by request.

The minimum amount required to withdraw earnings is $100. Payments can be sent via Bitcoin, wire transfer, or PayPal.

AffLift members who sign up to ClickMate are eligible for a welcome bonus. All you need to do is send 5 FTDs (First Time Deposits) and you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus.

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