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Publishers looking for an affiliate network that can offer them industry-leading EPCs need look no further than ClickLoop. With years of experience and knowledge in affiliate marketing and conversion funnel optimization, ClickLoop has the expertise to help you maximize your ROI.

ClickLoop is an affiliate network that focuses exclusively on a select few verticals. This allows them to perfect their offers and funnels, which in turn means publishers can confidently promote them with the assurance of high conversion rates.

ClickLoop Affiliate Network Review​

The network offers the top rates for Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) or Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) offers. They have payouts as high as $3 per single-opt-in lead, and $60 per completed sign-up.

They use only tried and tested landers in Dating, Games, and ED Med verticals to ensure better EPCs than most networks.

Dating Smartlink​

Clickloop recently released its Dating SmartLink, which takes all the hassle out of maximizing your revenue. With their unique technology, it can automatically send your traffic to the most relevant offer based on a variety of factors, such as country or region, device, traffic type, and language. This means that you can sit back and relax while their machine learning technology takes care of everything.

Best of all, the Dating SmartLink accepts all geos, so you can easily monetize your traffic no matter where it's coming from.


Custom Creatives​

ClickLoop can help you convert your traffic that other networks cannot. They offer custom banners and landing pages that help improve conversion rates. It is also possible for affiliates to request exclusive creatives and white-label products to promote.

Accepted Traffic​

They accept traffic from over 100 countries around the world. Their offers are compatible with all major types of traffic, including web, mobile, social, pop-under, and email.

Strict Approval Process​

If you are looking for top offers in the affiliate marketing industry, ClickLoop is the perfect network for you. However, they are very particular when it comes to approving new members.

But once you are approved, you will have access to some of the most sought-after offers in the business. The approval process normally takes three business days.

Extensive Reporting​

The network provides comprehensive reporting and development tools to help affiliates get started quickly. They offer the best-in-class in-house affiliate tracking technology for all conversion types.

ClickLoop has been building programs since 1990 and relies on their expertise to provide end-to-end solutions for both advertisers looking for an easy-to-use adaptable interface as well as affiliates who want to make the most money possible.


Affiliate Support​

ClickLoop has years of experience in the industry, and this wealth of knowledge shows in its exclusive offers and dedication to publisher satisfaction.

With a dedicated account manager, you'll have all the help you need to start generating conversions from high-paying offers.

ClickLoop Payout Options​

The Clickloop Affiliate Network offers a couple of payout options for its affiliates, which are through Paxum or Wire Transfer. The minimum payment amount is set at $1000, with a weekly payment frequency so you'll be able to receive your earnings promptly and without issue.

Additionally, Clickloop is committed to providing timely and accurate payments, meaning you can focus on generating revenue and optimizing your campaigns.

If you'd like to reach out to a representative of the network for any questions, visit their official thread here.

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