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Candyoffers Comments Ratings Discussion

If you're a pro affiliate focused on the dating vertical, chances are you're always on the lookout for other brands, networks, or even direct brands to work with. After all, it's important to have a steady source of fresh offers to promote to your audience, right?

Candyoffers is one Dating-centric network that doesn't mess around. Focused on accepting only high-performing affiliates, this network has a strict approval process and has high expectations from publishers they work with.

If this sounds like something you can work with, keep reading.

Candyoffers Features​

With top-tier partnerships with the biggest names in dating, Candyoffers ensures that its affiliate members receive the most competitive compensation rates in the biz. According to them, they offer at least 10% higher payouts than others.

And it's not just about the dollars — this network understands that user experience is everything; hence their dating partners offer streamlined, optimized funnels that practically generate leads themselves.


In 2022 alone, the network paid $10 million worth of commissions to affiliates — not bad for a relatively new network. It has an impressive network of exclusive Dating partners that cover over 30 countries.

But CandyOffers isn't content to rest on its laurels, as the team continues to explore new verticals to help their users stay ahead of the curve and earn more from their traffic.

Adequate Promotional Tools​

It has a vast collection of ready-made landing pages for affiliates to use immediately. Each of these pages is localized to cater to the different GEOs in which the platform operates.

If these are not enough, you can always request customized pre-landers through your dedicated account manager.

Additionally, CandyOffer offers other promotional tools such as its SmartLink (which is said to convert 120 times better), banners, and pop-ups. These tools have been fine-tuned to help any marketer achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Cutting-edge Tracking Platform​

A key feature of its platform is its flexibility, as it can seamlessly adapt to any device, allowing for quick offer promotion wherever you may be.

This in-house tracking platform is likewise designed to offer partners a plethora of detailed analytics and insights, complete with custom parameters to ensure your reports are tailored to your needs.

Candyoffers Payout Methods​

CandyOffer's payment options are a sweet treat for affiliates looking to earn some extra cash. With commission types like CPA, CPL, RevShare, and CPS, affiliates have a variety of ways to bring in income.

But what's the minimum payment you can expect from them? Well, for the first withdrawal, it's set at a reasonable $500, which should give you ample opportunity to earn a decent income. After the first payout, your minimum can be lowered to $100, depending on your preference.

As for payment frequency, you'll be pleased to know that CandyOffer has payment periods ranging from Net-30 to Net-0. And when it comes to payment methods, CandyOffer supports several popular options, including Paxum, Wire, PayPal, and Payoneer.

For more information on Candyoffers, visit its official thread here in affLIFT.

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