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BidVertiser Direct Ads and Pops
Being one of the oldest ad networks in the industry, Bidvertiser has become a reliable source of PPV traffic. Over the years, this network has focused on improving its platform and providing tools to help advertisers get the most of the traffic that they’re buying.

Bidvertiser delivers more than 13 billion ad impressions across all its ad formats, including direct ads and pops.

To date, they have almost 80,000 publishers sending worldwide traffic to the network.


Bidvertiser Review - The Direct Advertising Network

Exciting Traffic Volume
Bidvertiser currently has 78,522 websites serving about 460 million ads. The ads can be shown to 196 countries around the world. Collectively, Bidvertiser has produced around 1.6 million conversions.

Self-Serve Platform
Complete control over your campaigns -- that is what Bidvertiser offers its advertisers. You’ll be able to manage your campaigns on your own, without waiting for an account manager to go online and get all your optimizations sorted out.

High-Quality Traffic
One of the main concerns with direct ads (domain redirects) and pop ads is that there is a lot of fraudulent traffic. Bidvertiser aims to provide better traffic quality to its advertisers, hence they use a secure ad serving technology that filters fraudulent traffic. This means views coming from bots, malware, and click-farms are automatically blocked.

Traffic from Direct Ads
You may already know what pops are, but you may not be familiar with direct ads. Direct ads are click traffic that you get directly from search engines, domain or keyword typos, and of course links. As the original content is no longer available, the system passes the click to ads uploaded to their system, such as yours.

The user will not even notice that he has been taken to a page that he doesn’t actually intend to land on. However, this is very valuable traffic because there is already an “intention”. If the advertiser displays an offer or landing page that is highly relevant or similar to the original content, the chances of achieving a conversion are very high.

Powerful Targeting Capabilities
Any advertiser worth his salt knows that being able to narrow down to your exact audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign. With Bidvertiser, you can reach your audience via the narrowing down the following:
  • Geolocation
  • Device
  • Operating System or User-Agent
  • Browser
  • Mobile carrier
  • Internet service provider
  • IAB categories
  • Contextual targeting
  • Time of Day
  • Sub ID (Source ID)
There is also an option to target websites or sources based on the Quality Score. There are ten QS levels, defined by 0 to 9, where 9 is the highest score. The higher the score, the better the quality of the website. The platform evaluates this score based on the websites’ performance in producing traffic that converts. For instance, if you choose a score of 8, this means you want your add to display to the top 20% of publisher websites in Bidvertiser.


In-House Tracking and Optimization Technology
Bidvertiser has made optimization easier for its advertisers with the help of their state-of-the-art ad serving system that they have developed and improved over the years.

To help you track your campaigns better, this platform enables ad tagging. You can also use URL macros in order to fire data back to your third-party tracker. If you’d like to optimize within Bidvertiser, you can integrate their postback so that their platform can also monitor your conversions.

There are three optimization features available for you to try:
  • Automatic Optimization - if you want less work and more output, turn this feature on. The ad network’s framework analyzes thousands of events and transactions to help you automatically optimize your campaigns based on your predefined goals.
  • SUBID blacklisting and whitelisting - you can have sources automatically blacklist based on their performance. You can also do it manually if you like. Whitelisting SUBIDs is also possible.
  • SUBID bid override - have you found a source that converts better than the others? If your ceiling bid is not enough and you want more traffic from that source fast, you can override the current bid by manually adjusting the bid.
The difference between this optimization feature from the other two is that you won’t necessarily have to stop receiving traffic from other sources. You will just pay for them at a lower rate than the source you want to focus on.

Transparent Reporting
This ad network fully understands the need of advertisers to know exactly where the traffic they’re buying is coming from, which is why the traffic sources are displayed in the reports. This allows you to segment the traffic to improve your conversion rate.

Bidvertiser Funding Options and Bonus
This ad network allows you to deposit at least $100 in your account in order to start running campaigns. You can fund your account via PayPal, Payza, credit card, wire transfer (minimum $2,000), and via cryptocurrency.

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I only tried the push of this traffic network, in fact they have many formats, but push is not the ad format they are good at. Because there is very little traffic, only the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada have more push traffic. And I feel bad about the quality. I spent $ 50 to test, and there was no conversion. And even if I advertise in the US, my bid is an average bid, and I can only get 70,000 impressions per day, which is too few.

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