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  • scooby
  • 5.00 star(s)
I think Bemob is by many affiliates perceived as the most beginner friendly Tracker, through it's simple layout and many traffic source/affiliate network templates and due to having a free plan it's the perfect choice for a beginner on a budget in my opinion, or even people that been longer in the industry and like to push lower traffic volumes can benefit from the 100.000 Events that Bemob provides. I've always had good experience with Bemob and if something didn't go as planned the Bemob Support Team always helped me out over the last 3 years that I used their tracker

Also compared to other Trackers like Peerfly or Skro for example on the free plan there is no campaign limit like on the other two, so one can create as much campaigns as wished without any restricions I think thats also a big bonus point, to be fair there was a time when Bemob also restricted their free plan, but i'm glad that they reconsidered their decision and removed all restrictions again as that is what makes it the most affiliate friendly tracker in my opinion