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Let's dive into the world of Autonix, where QR codes get a makeover and transform into supercharged, trackable powerhouses.

Autonix is like the digital Swiss army knife of QR codes.

It's a lively platform that empowers businesses to create, modify, and monitor their QR codes as they perform in real-time.


Autonix Features and Plans​

Unleashing the power of Autonix means you're not simply creating QR codes, but you're leveraging a resource that can grow and transform alongside your needs. Let's uncover what makes it the superhero of QR code generators and tracking platforms.

Adaptable and Personalized QR Codes​

This characteristic enables you to produce QR codes that offer tracking and modification capabilities, providing the agility to adjust to your evolving business strategies.

The creation process is both straightforward and user-centric. Crafting your QR code is a breeze, and for those looking to infuse a bit of personality, there's an option to incorporate a logo right smack in the middle. This feature allows you to extend your brand's presence into the QR code, making it an immediate identifier for your audience.

Yet, the tailoring options don't end there. Autonix bestows upon you the liberty to design your QR codes in a way that aligns with your taste.

Want your QR codes to echo your brand colors? Absolutely doable. Fancy altering the appearance of the dots or eyes? It's all possible. This component is dedicated to granting you dominion over your QR codes' aesthetics.

Once your design meets your satisfaction, you can export your QR code in an assortment of formats, simplifying its incorporation across various platforms.

Tracking Solutions​

Harness the power of Autonix's Tracking Solutions to elevate your analytics game. With their custom dynamic links, you can monitor all web traffic, capturing valuable information such as browser type, geographic location, and even conversion metrics, all before visitors land on your page.

Price and Plans​

Autonix presents an array of packages tailored to meet any business requirements, with rates starting as low as $29 each month.

The initial plan, aptly named Essentials, provides users with 10 Trackers (Dynamic QR Codes), allows for unlimited scans, and grants access to a Customizable Dynamic QR Code Generator. It also includes an Analytics Dashboard for monitoring the QRs' progress and offers Chat/Email support to assist users whenever needed.

The next plan is called Go Beyond and offers all features plus unlimited trackers for the price of $99 per month. A custom Enterprise Plan is also available for power users.

These offerings provide a solid foundation for businesses looking to leverage QR code technology. Those who want to test it out can do so for free with one tracker/QR code using the Free Account.

Autonix Affiliate Program​

Affiliates stand to earn a 30% revenue share for the first 18 months of customer subscription. Plus, they offer a 90-day cookie duration, allowing you more time to reap the benefits of your referrals.

Autonix uses Rewardful's tracking system, which is very easy to use but is also super basic. Payments are sent through Paypal.

For those interested or want to learn more, you can visit Autonix's thread here.

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