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The Gambling vertical has always been a high performer in affiliate marketing, consistently offering high payouts and conversion rates. However, one of the significant challenges faced by many is finding opportunities that extend beyond Tier 1 countries.

With most offers primarily targeted at these countries, affiliates seeking to tap into markets in other regions often find their options limited.

This is where AffStream makes its mark. This network was established in 2020 with a team that altogether holds more than 15 years of experience in the affiliate marketing and media buying space.

AffStream Features​

One of AffStream’s key strengths lies in its diverse range of offers. While many platforms primarily focus on saturated countries, AffStream expands its reach, offering high-demand products and services tailored for emerging markets.

The platform's focus predominantly lies in regions such as Latin America (Latam), South Africa, and South Asia. These markets, while burgeoning with potential, are often overlooked in the affiliate marketing arena, providing untapped opportunities for savvy affiliates.

Additionally, AffStream does not completely bypass the potential of established markets, maintaining a strategic presence in Tier 1 and Tier 2 European countries. Affiliates can thus explore and profit from a broader selection of geographically diverse and localized offers, enhancing their potential for success.


Wide Variety of Gambling and Betting Brands​

Expanding on its commitment to providing diverse offers, AffStream hosts a multitude of Gambling (Casino) and Betting brands, opening up more avenues for affiliate marketers.

The platform boasts a portfolio that includes BC.Game, BetBoom, Blaze, Casino Metropol, BlueChip, and EstrelaBet, among others. Each of these brands has its unique appeal, catering to different audience preferences and geographies, providing affiliates with an array of options to select a brand that aligns best with the specific markets that they are already working with.

Spotlight on Brazil​

The network recognizes the significance of Brazil in the affiliate marketing landscape, providing over 100 offers specifically tailored for this market.

They already understand the nuances of this audience and are prepared to equip affiliates with the knowledge and marketing tools necessary to profit from the Brazilian market with ease.

In-House Tracking Solution​

When it comes to monitoring referrals and earnings, AffStream uses its own technology to ensure real-time tracking and accurate updates, providing affiliates with immediate, up-to-date insights into their performance. The transparency offered by this feature enables affiliates to make informed decisions and adjustments to their strategies based on the latest data.

AffStream Payout Options​

The platform operates on a Net-15 payment frequency, which means that affiliates are paid for their earnings every 15 days. This regular payment regime offers a steady income flow for affiliates, ensuring they can rely on consistent earnings.

The payout system does incorporate a minimum threshold to maintain operational efficiency. Affiliates need to accumulate at least $100 in earnings before they can request a payout.

And when it comes to payout options, affiliates can choose to receive their earnings via USDT or PayPal.

Want to learn more about AffStream before signing up? Head over to AffStream's official thread.

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