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Feeling swamped with managing loads of affiliate networks, pushing offers, and keeping tabs on your performance across different platforms? We get it—juggling multiple affiliate programs, each with its own toolbox and reporting quirks, can be a real headache. Doing so often leads to inefficiency and missed chances to earn more. That's what aims to solve. It’s a platform tailor-made for publisher-type affiliates who leverage content to promote offers across a multitude of affiliate networks.

Launched in 2022 with a team spread around the US and Europe, isn't just any platform—it's a powerhouse of technology and data designed to make your life easier. is not an affiliate network. partners with affiliate networks to make it easy for publishers to promote and drive traffic to the Affiliate Network’s merchants.

With its all-in-one approach, it's all about streamlining your workflow, bumping up efficiencies, and pushing those revenue numbers higher.

ggOuUaP.png Best Features​

Product Discovery: One Dashboard for Your Affiliate Networks and Offers​

Imagine, if you will, a tool that aggregates dozens of affiliate networks that primarily focus on e-commerce and B2C businesses. This means having access to tens of thousands of merchants and 1 billion+ products in one dashboard. It lets you access your accounts from more than 35+ affiliate networks, from Amazon to Impact to Webgains. This feature is more than a convenience; it's a strategic asset. For affiliates, this means the ability to compare, choose, and strategize at a glance—optimizing for success in a landscape that rewards agility and insight.

NeverDead Feature​

NeverDead is an ingenious link auto-replacement feature that makes sure you never lose out on conversions due to dead links. With it, you can manage offers for each link without having to modify the live ones on your website or your social posts.

What the feature does is continually monitor product status (active or not), prices, and stock levels. If a product goes out of stock, the feature instantly swaps the link for a similar active product and notifies you, keeping your affiliate links efficient and up-to-date.

You can choose to have dead links replaced with the Lowest-priced product or one that gives you the Highest Commission.

Several Shoppable Templates​ can transform the way you promote affiliate products with its shoppable offer templates, designed to skyrocket your conversion rates. The platform offers a suite of templates that not only cater to diverse aesthetic preferences but also optimize user engagement, making it easier for your audience to find exactly what they're looking for.

Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:
  • Pre-installed templates modeled after top publishers like Forbes and New York Times
  • Completely customizable text, color, layout, and display
  • Single Offer, Multi-Merchant Comparison Options: Present a single standout offer alongside different merchant options, empowering users to select the deal that appeals most to them.
  • Native Ad Style, Multi-Offer List: Blend your offers into the fabric of your site with this native-looking recommendations template. It's all about making promotions feel less like ads and more like part of the content your audience came for, enhancing trust and engagement.
These are just some examples of available templates; there are more to discover and explore on the platform.


Multi-Platform Compatibilities​ is not limited to just one platform. can be used to monetize any channel, including blogs, websites, apps, social media, email, and more.

Product Deep Search​

The platform offers users the ability to instantly sift through over a billion products once they've connected their affiliate network accounts to the dashboard. This comprehensive search functionality allows users to find products by brand, keyword, discount, or barcode, facilitating a seamless and efficient product discovery process. Plus, run a Deep Search to discover every major merchant offering a specific product.

Other Features​

Additional features that we found useful are as follows:
  • AI-driven shortening of product names
  • Multi-user capability allowing varied access rights for each user

Plans and Pricing​ offers three distinct plans:
  • Starter Plan - The price is $0 per month, and the cost per offer click is $0.02. This is great for new publishers who are just starting out.
  • Premium Plan - The price is $49 per month, with a cost per offer click of $0.006. With email and chat support, this is the most popular plan for users.
  • Enterprise Plan - The price is $499 per month, with a cost per offer click of $0.005 after the first 200,000 clicks each month. It offers dedicated publisher support and is perfect for large publishers.
All plans allow you to access all of's features in full, even the Starter Plan. Information

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