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AdSupply PPV

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AdSupply PPV
Are you looking for a pop ad network that has a solid foundation? If so, then AdSupply is a good option.

AdSupply has been in the business since 2011, making it one of the oldest ad networks still running today.

Ranking #16 in comScore’s list of top Online Advertising Networks, you can be confident that this network will deliver the traffic amount and quality that you are looking for.

What is AdSupply?

AdSupply has the following features:

High Traffic Volume
AdSupply offers exclusive traffic inventory coming directly from more than a thousand direct publishers. Their ads can reach 230 countries across the globe, delivering up to 175 million unique impressions per month.


High-Quality Traffic
Traffic quality is one of AdSupply’s priorities, hence they monitor the following ad metrics:
  • Ad Viewability - the average ad viewability across the industry is 56%, but AdSupply’s ads perform better with a viewability of 90%.
  • In-View Time - their current average is around 71 seconds, while the industry average is 20.5 seconds.
  • Ad Interaction Rate - while the industry average is 2.8%, AdSupply achieves up to 13%.
  • Hover Percentage - the industry average for this metric is almost 10%, while this network’s average is three times higher.
  • Attention Quality - while the average in the industry is 28.7%, AdSupply’s ads achieve a little more than 44%.
Minimal Ad Fraud
While the rest of the ad industry suffers from an ever-increasing ad fraud of up to a third of the traffic, AdSupply does its best to limit ad fraud to a maximum of 1% of the traffic they supply. Aside from their own internal fraud-detection system, they also use Forensiq, a fraud detection technology developed by Impact. Dubious traffic is terminated or diverted even before they become part of the inventory.

Click Analysis
In order to provide advertisers with actionable information regarding their marketing campaigns, AdSupply utilizes the technology of Moat. This third-party technology provides in-depth click information comprised of more than 50 MRC (Media Rating Council) accredited metrics, on top of the basic industry metrics. Moat also detects non-human traffic, allowing AdSupply to filter these out and display your ad to real human visitors.


Two PPV Ad Formats
AdSupply features several ad formats, two of which fall under the PPV category. These are:
  • Leave Behind™ - this is AdSupply’s version of a pop-under. It is a non-intrusive, full-page ad that shows up the moment the user closes the browser window.
  • Before You Go™ - this ad shows up the moment the user hovered over or clicked on either the back button or the X button. What is displayed are content-based ads, usually videos, to keep the user engaged.
Multiple Targeting Options
AdSupply allows advertisers to effectively weed through the traffic and display their ads to the right people. Here are the targeting methods that AdSupply provides:
  • Audience targeting
  • Site-specific targeting
  • Geolocation
  • ISP
  • Channel
  • Demographics
  • First-Party Data
If you want to be able to simply test the traffic and optimize, later on, you can also use their Run of Network traffic. This is a lot cheaper than highly targeted traffic.

Latest Comment

what about carrier billing offers, has somebody tried them out with this network?

Latest Rating

Although it is not beginner friendly, AdSupply has some of the best traffic for converting sweeps. The AMs are very responsive.

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