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AdsCompass Push
If you’re looking for an ad network that seems to have an infinite supply of push traffic, you should consider AdsCompass. Established in 2013, this network provides a steady stream of traffic that comes mainly from their very own SSP.


AdsCompass Features

Direct Publishers
Having their own SSP is proving to be advantageous to this network, as they can provide advertisers’ traffic coming directly from their own publishers. Whatever volume you may need, you can get it from AdsCompass.

Wide Reach
Advertisers are able to reach users from 200 countries worldwide.

Advanced User Targeting
To maximize your budget and make sure your ads are shown to the appropriate target market, you can utilize the advanced targeting features during campaign creation. Advertisers can:
  • Target by country, region or city;
  • Narrow down by device;
  • Include or exclude operating systems and browsers (this includes version targeting).
Also available are frequency capping and spending strategy options. With frequency capping, advertisers can choose how many times a unique user will see the ad within a 24-hour period. With spending strategy, advertisers can choose whether they want their budget to be used evenly throughout the day, or without any limit to traffic volume and time (spend the budget immediately).

Option for Optimization
Once you have tested the network’s traffic, you will have enough data to determine which sources perform well for your offer, as well as those that lose you money. You can use these data and create whitelists and blacklists based on Source ID, IP, or ISP. These lists can then be applied to the campaigns you are currently running or will be building in the future.


Estimation Tool
In order for advertisers to gauge how much traffic a specific country receives, AdsCompass has an estimation tool that users can access in their dashboard. This tool displays the most recent ad response counts per country, which can also be filtered down based on the ad type. It also displays the average price per thousand impressions (CPM).

Anti-Fraud Systems
Aside from the assurance that the traffic quality would be high, AdsCompass also utilizes anti-fraud tracking technology that even third-party checking systems can vouch for.

Works in Multiple Verticals
AdsCompass traffic works in various categories such as:
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Dating
  • Insurance
  • Home services
  • Travel
  • In-app purchases
  • Mobile
  • Auto
  • Celebrities
  • Games

AdsCompass Payment Options

Anyone can try out the network to evaluate the quality of the traffic as they have a very low minimum deposit of just $50. You can use PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, or your credit cards. You can also use Bitcoin and wire transfer, but the minimum deposit using these options is $100 and $1,000 respectively.

When processing payments, it’s important to take note of the account you need to send payment to, as well as your user ID. There are different account names or email addresses associated with each payment type. The funds are not automatically credited; instead, users are required to contact their respective account managers for the funds to be reflected in their AdsCompass accounts.

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