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Do you want to be able to drive traffic to your offer, landing page or website with the help of ads that seamlessly integrate into the webpage or app that the user is currently using? If so, then you are looking into native ads. Native ads are said to receive the best click-thru rates and deliver the highest performance among all ad types.

One of the most popular forms of native advertising is the push notification ad. If you want to receive traffic from push ads, one network to try is AdOperator.

AdOperator Benefits and Features

High-Quality Traffic
Push ads require users to opt into receiving notifications first, plus each ad must be clicked in order for the user to visit the landing page. This means the traffic the advertiser receives is 100% human, therefore of high quality.

AdOperator offers world wide traffic, which is great for those looking to expand to international audiences. They have traffic from more than 200 countries. Aside from the location, you can also target users based on the following:
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Connection type
  • Carrier
  • Time of day and day(s) of the week
  • Keywords
  • Domains
You can even pinpoint the exact people you want to advertise to by targeting based on IP.

Push notifications have the highest level of visibility among all ad types since users will have to either click on the ad to view more or close the ad for it to disappear. Furthermore, they only receive ads when their devices connect to the internet. Learn how push notifications work with AdOperator advertisers.

Intuitive UI
AdOperator utilizes a self-service platform, which is intuitive enough even for first-time users. Campaign approval takes only one to two hours, except on holidays where it can take not more than twelve hours. Their approval process is actually considered to be one of the fastest in the industry.

CPA Goal
Their easy optimization system, coupled with conversion tracking, would help you achieve your CPA goal. You can also utilize smart bidding for this purpose.

High Conversion Rate
If you choose the right verticals to promote, you will see high conversion rate. The top verticals in AdOperator are as follows:
  • Mobile app downloads, installs, and subscriptions
  • Dating
  • Ecommerce
  • Health
  • Games and E-gaming
  • Anti-virus, cleaner, and other utility apps
  • Crypto currency and other Finance Technology
High Volume
The platform has a volume of up to 600 million impressions every single day. A huge bulk of this traffic comes from mobile, at 60%. The remaining 40% comes from desktop.

Tracking Tokens

Here is a complete list of the tracking tokens available on AdOperator:

{pubfeed}Publisher feed id
{subid}Publisher feed subid
{pubzone}Publisher zone id
{pubpoint}Publisher point id
{original_subid}Not limited subid
{source_subid}Source subid
{source}Traffic source macro, set as {pubfeed}.{original_subid} for XML and {pubzone}.{site_id} or {pubzone}.{app_id} for Display campaign
{request_id}Id of the request that originated the click
{remfeed}Remote feed id
{campaign}Campaign id
{offer}Offer id
{banner}Ad id
{keyword}Matched keyword
{bid}Click price
{query}Publisher search keyword
{referrer}Referrer URL
{referrer_domain}Referrer domain
{search_referrer_domain}Search referrer domain
{ip}User IP
{search_ip}Search user IP
{user_agent}User agent
{os}Operating System
{ifa}Device identifier for advertisers
{country}Two-letter user country (ISO 3166-2)
{state}User region
{city}User city
{zip}User postal code
{carrier}User ISP
{site_id}Publisher site id
{app_id}Publisher app id
{app_bundle}Publisher app bundle
{conversion}Conversion tracking
{ga}Required for Google Analytics statistics
{aa}Required for Event Tracking

AdOperator Payment Options

This traffic network works on Cost per Click model only. XML is open for discussion by contacting the support team of AdOperator. Price per click can go as low as $0.005 for Tier 3 countries, and $0.100 or more for Tier 1 countries. Advertisers can request for the current rates per country from their account managers.

When it comes to adding funds to your account, you can do so via PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, Visa or MasterCard credit cards, and wire transfer. The minimum deposit amount is $50 for all options, except for wire transfer which requires at least $500.

AdOperator Bonus Code

Use our exclusive AdOperator bonus code and get a $50 bonus on a deposit of $200 or more. The bonus code is: AFFLIFT

🚀 AdOperator is a member of the affLIFT community! Message them (@AdOperator) if you have any questions and they can provide support for our members directly in the forum.

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Good volume and decent dashboard. Can and will probably get better with some time. If you have a working campaign you can scale it here.

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