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AdHornet is the new kid on the block when it comes to affiliate networks.

Established in 2022 with headquarters in Estonia, this network specializes in mobile advertising, helping affiliates get more out of their mobile traffic.

Its team has more than five years' worth of skills, experience, and know-how to connect affiliates with advertisers looking for an audience for their apps and offers.

AdHornet Features​

Joining a new affiliate network can be intimidating — but not with AdHornet! The process is simple: just sign up with your email address, wait for approval, and start selecting offers to promote right away.

AdHornet offers plenty of benefits that any affiliate marketer should consider taking advantage of, such as:

Exclusive Offers​

With a selection of private and in-house offers that cover everything from dating to finance, AdHornet is the perfect tool to increase your bottom line across multiple traffic sources. At the moment, their database is composed of more than 3,000 offers. Conversion modes are in CPA, CPI, or CPR (per registration).

Whether you're looking to generate commissions via gaming and utilities app installs, promote the latest online shopping apps out there, or even explore the ever-growing world of mobile finance apps — AdHornet has got you covered.

Worldwide Reach​

This network is also a global provider of offers targeting geolocations from far and wide. Acquire exclusive access to offers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, taking your campaigns in regions around the world to whole new heights. With AdHornet, it's not just about finding an offer; it's about embracing and connecting with the freshest opportunities, wherever they may be.

Multiple Mobile Traffic Sources Accepted​

They are also very accommodating in terms of traffic sources — almost all kinds of mobile traffic are accepted, though they do suggest that social media be used as it often yields the best-converting results. Other recommended traffic sources that yield the best outcomes for their offers are Applovin,, and Unity Ads.

Affise Tracking​

Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, affiliates are able to quickly and easily monitor detailed and real-time stats on clicks and conversions with a simple click of the mouse. Using Affise's sophisticated tracking technology, you're given accurate and meaningful insight into your marketing efforts — giving you all the information you need to boost your profits and elevate yourself in the affiliate marketing world.

Reliable Support Team​

The network provides 24/7 support from their Hornets – who happen to be adept affiliate managers. They go above and beyond to get you the most out of your partnership with AdHornet.

If you're interested in learning more about this network, reach out to the team by leaving a comment on their official thread here at affLIFT — they'll be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

AdHornet Payout Options​

Don’t get stuck waiting for months for your payment: AdHornet has you covered with their Net-30 payment system as long as you’ve accumulated over $100 in revenue. Payment is easy, too — choose from PayPal, Wire, or Payoneer, whichever one works best for you.

And if you know someone interested in joining AdHornet, you can refer them by providing your unique referral link. As a reward, you'll be given 5% of your referral's earnings.

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