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Adgrow is a performance-based affiliate marketing network that connects advertisers with publishers to generate leads and sales. The company is actually pretty new in the affiliate marketing industry, but it is in no way being left behind.

By partnering with exclusive brands, Adgrow is able to provide its publishers with access to high-quality offers and products that convert well. The moment you sign up with this network, you'll be greeted with offers that you can't find anywhere else.



Adgrow provides its affiliates three different payment models for these offers:

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead)
The CPL model is the most popular payment option among Adgrow affiliates. Under this model, you'll be paid for every lead that you generate.

CPS (Cost-Per-Sale)
The CPS model is similar to the CPL model, but you'll be paid for every sale that you generate instead of just leads.

RevShare (Revenue Sharing)
Under the RevShare model, you'll be paid a percentage of the revenue generated by the offer you're promoting.

In-House Research and Development Team​

Adgrow has its very own in-house research and development team that's constantly coming up with new ways to improve conversions and earnings. This team is also responsible for developing exclusive tools and features that you can use to your advantage.

Tested and Optimized Marketing Materials​

All of the marketing materials provided by Adgrow have been tested and optimized for conversion. This means that you'll be able to hit the ground running as soon as you join the network.

Some of the newly improved marketing materials for each offer include better funnels, new creatives, landing pages, and user flows.


Dedicated Account Manager​

When you become a part of Adgrow, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be there to help you with anything you need. They will also provide you with exclusive insights and tips that you can use to increase your earnings.

Data Sharing with Partners and Affiliates​

Adgrow is all about transparency and sharing data with its partners and affiliates. This way, everyone knows what's working and what's not. This helps to ensure that the entire network is always on the same page, moving in the same direction.

This kind of transparency works with the company's strict compliance policy.

Accepts Multiple Traffic Types​

Adgrow doesn't discriminate when it comes to traffic types. The network works with several kinds of traffic, including but not limited to email, display, PPC (search), native, and social media.

This means that you'll be able to promote offers using the traffic sources that work best for you.

Accurate Tracking System​

Adgrow uses the CAKE tracking system that's able to track all kinds of conversions, including but not limited to sales, leads, and clicks. This system is accurate down to the penny, so you can be sure that you're getting paid for all the conversions you generate. Since this is a well-known affiliate tracking platform, the learning curve when working with Adgrow is not that steep.

No Minimum Traffic Requirements
There are no minimum traffic requirements when you join Adgrow. This means that you can start promoting open offers as soon as you're approved.

Adgrow Payment Options​

Adgrow pays its affiliates on a net-30 basis, which means that you'll receive your commission payments 30 days after the end of the month. You can also be moved to a bi-monthly payment frequency once your traffic quality is verified.

The minimum payment threshold is $1000, and you can choose to be paid via wire transfer or via Payoneer.

Adgrow consistently posts updates here in affLIFT. If you'd like to reach out to a representative of Adgrow, visit the official thread here.

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