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ActiveRevenue PPV
If you want to drive more traffic to your offers, one traffic type that never seems to run out is PPV traffic. There are dozens and dozens of pop providers out there, that if you ever encounter a problem, it’s because you are having a hard time choosing one! If you don’t want to jump from one provider to the next, one smart move would be to join a DSP; one such as ActiveRevenue.

Active Revenue is a Demand Side Platform that has been around for six years. They used their industry experience to provide advanced technological solutions to advertisers, agencies and media buyers.


ActiveRevenue PPV Features

Programmatic Advertising

Everything is automated, from the process of finding the perfect ad spot based on the advertiser’s requirements, to bidding for ad space, and finally to showing the ad to the audience.

Self-Service Platform

Since being able to adjust and manipulate your own campaigns is very important for affiliates, Active Revenue provides a self-service platform that allows users to monitor and optimize their campaigns in real-time. No need to wait for an account manager to be available or awake; you can make adjustments in your account immediately.

Two PPV Ad Formats

There are two types of PPV ad types available in ActiveRevenue, and these are pops and domain redirects.

Pop-unders open underneath the active browser that the user is viewing. In the case of mobile, pops open up in a new tab within the same browser. The user is able to view the landing page once he or she closes the active browser or switches to a new tab. Sometimes the tab blinks to catch the user’s attention.

Domain redirects, often called zero-click traffic, are ads that show up when a user types in a misspelled URL in the address bar. Instead of showing a 404 error, the domain owner, in this case, ActiveRevenue and its publishers, will show the advertiser’s landing page. It is called zero-click because the user doesn’t have to click on anything for the redirect to the offer landing page to happen. Conversions are high with this ad type if the advertiser’s offer and the domain the user misspelled are closely related.


Multiple Targeting Capabilities

Targeting the right audience is easy with Active Revenue as they have multiple targeting options available. These are:
  • Geo-Targeting - this allows you to target specific locations, from the country down to cities, down to even parts of a town.
  • Interest Targeting - this allows you to show your ads only to those who already showed signs of interest in the same category.
  • Browser Targeting - you can choose between Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and more.
  • Carrier Targeting - this allows you to pin-point users based on the carrier they use.
  • OS Targeting - this one allows you to target the operating systems of both desktop and mobile phones.
  • Keywords Targeting - to help you hyper-target the niche, you can enter specific keywords to show your ads only to those who have visited domains with this keyword or a misspelling of it.
  • Device Targeting - as its name implies, you can target the user based on the device he or she is using.
To further control the campaign, you can set a daily budget and also limit the frequency by which your ads are shown to every user.

ActiveRevenue Funding Options

The minimum deposit amount for this platform is $100. Payments can be made via wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and Webmoney.

ActiveRevenue Bonus!
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Latest Rating

I worked with them last April, Frankly, that wasn't a good experience, they have a ton of traffic much bigger than any other traffic source, so you need a big budget to test any offer, I've tested them with Monetizer offer, with an offer that converts well for me on another source of traffic, but when I try it on Active revenue I've a bad result, also with easy converting offer ( Evadav push-sub ), traffic was very bad.

However, there are some positive things like source optimization and bid optimizator and especially like Support, my advertiser manager was very helpful and ( Vera ) and The good thing is when I asked them for refund, they immediately returned it to me.

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